guest needed for upcoming podcast discussion!

ever since my cousin hybrid joined the podcast,
it has been jokes and great conversation.
this week’s discussion was so on point,
one of my close friends testified and got emotional over it.
we tackled “needs vs wants“.
( x listen on your favorite podcast player here )
well this week,
 i have a request for a topic and need a potential guest(s)

If any of the foxholers goes by “they/them” pronouns,
we love to interview for an upcoming discussion.

if you are interested,
please send me an email at:


…for your availability.
i would like to do it for this weekend,
but i’m willing to work with schedules for this discussion.
i will be sending out DMS to those foxholers of interest in being guests as well.

thank you again for all the support!

*for those who listen,
can you please do me a favor and leave a review for us?
it would help us so much!

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