imagine being eaten up to death so your manz could hook up with someone on grindr?

it’s no surprise just how fucked up people are.
there are jackals in our lives who would leave us to die.
it’s just the reality of life.
steven mark brashear,
who was 66,
didn’t realize his 21-year-old boy toy would be one of those jackals.
imagine being left for dead and being eaten by mountain lions for a hook up on grindr…

^steven mark brashear

A man’s remains were eaten by mountain lions–now investigators’ reports say the man’s companion said he left him injured–to die along the Pima Canyon Trail.

The reports from Pima County Sheriff’s detectives do not make it clear precisely how Steven Mark Brashear died but add detail to his connection to Daylan Jacob Thornton. He’s charged with murdering Brashear.

^daylan thronton

Just before New Year’s Eve, hikers found Brashear’s body near the Pima Canyon Trail. His remains had been partially eaten by mountain lions. An autopsy concluded the lions did not kill Brashear–that he was already dead when the animals found him.

At first Daylan Thornton was charged with stealing Brashear’s car. After months of investigation, Pima Sheriff’s Detectives charged Thornton with killing Brashear.

Reports say in December, Thornton and Brashear drove from Oklahoma to the Tucson area where Thornton said he would visit his family.

Brashear was going through a divorce and wanted to get away for a while.

But Thornton said he was angry that Brashear didn’t talk to him on the trip and instead devoted his time in the car to Grindr, a gay dating app.

At first, Thornton told deputies soon after the pair arrived in Tucson, Brashear went off on a date and Thornton never saw him again. Later, he admitted that did not happen and they went to the Pima Canyon Trail.

He says there, Brashear either fell or jumped off a cliff. Thornton said Brashear was suicidal over his divorce though family members said he had taken it well.

Thornton said Brashear was badly hurt and called for help. But Thornton said he did not help him. Detectives say instead, Thornton met with an ex-boyfriend, then arranged a roughly 2 a.m. date through Grindr.

but wait,
this is the part

Detectives say he told them he regards sex as a stress reliever and said, “I guess it was my way of grieving.”

i mean,
that is a thing.
for some folks,
grieving can make you horny.

…although i feel in this case,

daylan seems to be a full-blown psychopath.
why were they even at a trail tho?

this all seems like a setup.
bad enough he went back to the trail to move the phone to another location.
just bring your own handcuffs to the police station.

lowkey: killing someone in 2020 is no easy task.
our phones literally tell our every move and nothing ever dies on the internet.
you think you erased something,
but it’s still on your phone.
not only that,
the f-bi will solve the crime.

article cc: abc15

7 thoughts on “imagine being eaten up to death so your manz could hook up with someone on grindr?

  1. This is sad an innocent person had to die from a cold blooded killer. I hope Thornton gets life without parole.

  2. Jamari I’m confused. Were they married? Who was Brashear divorcing? If it was Thornton, Thornton pushed him to stop him from finding someone new. Sorry the article was worded weird.

  3. If being horny is how you grieve, you need help. How do you have sex while crying? I would feel ashamed like my loved one is watching me do the nasty and sees all my freaky-deeky 30 minutes after their funeral.

    1. It is a real thing tho, I see it as you are very vulnerable wanting to be hugged and loved on (probably by the dead person), you are also in need being distracted from reality. Some people make love because it gives you the intimacy, emotional support, human touch and a pleasurable distraction.

      I don’t think they are smashing to the thought of the dead person but to escape the reality of them being dead. I am someone who doesn’t want to see anybody or do anything when I grieve but I get over it really quick. That being said, the boyfriend is a psycho that probably didn’t care about that man.

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