guest needed for upcoming podcast discussion!

ever since my cousin hybrid joined the podcast,
it has been jokes and great conversation.
this week’s discussion was so on point,
one of my close friends testified and got emotional over it.
we tackled “needs vs wants“.
( x listen on your favorite podcast player here )
well this week,
 i have a request for a topic and need a potential guest(s)

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Kim Kardashian Makes Better Soul Food Than You.

kim-kardashiandon’t let the pregnancy fool ya!
kim k is a beast in the kitchen.
move over sylvia ( x menu ),
there is a new soul food queen in town.
so much so that she is making her famous soul food for kanye.
she made a quick video on keek...

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Don’t Call It A Cumback

tumblr_mloi2tdqs51s4f9qeo1_500o cakes is going to sell this new album.
he gon’ turn into a thug to do it too.
he’s in the studio with his new team,
maybach music,
cuttin’ up some of these hits.
he has started a new vlog aptly called:

maybach o series

working out.
filled with high profile guests.
is o cakes about to become a problem?
yes there are some cake shots wolves…

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