who wants to hear lakeith stanfield moaning in your ear for money?

clubhouse is everyone’s latest obsession.
if you didn’t know,
clubhouse is an invite-only social media platform that relies on your vocals.
it feels like a virtual panel tbh.
think of it as twitter,
but with groups and only talking.
there is no flexing with pictures.
there is always some shit going down in clubhouse,
but late nights is where the party is really at.
there are rooms to hear vixen’s moaning for cash prizes.
last night,
one was made to hear male’s moaning for money.
atlanta’s lakeith stanfield decided to participate…

is he jackin’ off?!

all those random vixens talmbout bout daddy this and that tho <<<<
nothing like hearing a male moaning in your ear.
one of my low-key fetishes is hearing a male bust a nut.
in porn and phone sex,
that has always turned me tf on especially when he has a sexy voice.
i miss having a good phone bone session for that reason.
i need to meet a male with a sexy voice to turn me out vocally from 11pm to 3am.
it’ll be even better if he is laying next to me.

8 thoughts on “who wants to hear lakeith stanfield moaning in your ear for money?

  1. Yo b… I swear if one more person mentions that damn app!

    Clubhouse is an annoying, pretentious version of The Loup, a party-line that was out during my teens. Just imagine Twitter with a phone/chat option. I didn’t bother downloading it because it wasn’t worth upgrading my IOS version.

    Instead of moaning for dollars, Lakeith needs to wash his ass and stop using drugs.

    He’s crying about not getting roles because of Daniel Kaluuya, but no cast/crew wants to work with a funky drug addict.

  2. this sounds like the free version of the party lines that were really popular in the late 90s and 2000s.

  3. Well ive been trying to get in CH to network but I should’ve known the left turn was Coming! Lol

    If anyone has a spare invite id appreciate it🙏🏾

  4. 😑 I Must be gettin old, HOW DA FCK y’all be knowing bout this ish?! 😂 I swear it’s something knew every damn day…what a time to be alive 💁🏾‍♂️

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