vixens can’t handle the sexually fluid male according to andre marhold

you know my stance on this topic.

People are hard on males exploring their sexuality.

of course,
vixens can’t handle it.
no one was talking shit when half of them were eating pussy in college.
this judgmental attitude,
even with gay and bi males as friends,
is why males will continue to be on the dl.
andre marhold,
for the first time in history,
said something i actually agree with.
he had an interview with jason lee of “hollywood unlocked” and the question was:

Should sexually fluid men notify women that they’ve been with other men?

and this was his answer

so truth:

Vixens want males to be open and share,
but as soon as they do,
they condemn them for it.

…ala molly and the bisexual in season one of “insecure“.
she fucked up a good relationship because of that nonsense.
i’m all for males being honest,
but are we really allowed to be?
secondly tho…

Males that are insecure destroy everything.

there have been a number of males who are/have been attracted to me in my journey.
many of them were my type and i was down,
but their insecurities destroyed any potential “whatever” we could have/had.
just because you experiment with other males doesn’t mean the whole forest will know.
like with vixens,
you can do that as lowkey as possible.
the issue is that because of how the world views males who sleep with males,
there is always this destruction that is going on inside them.
so because they’re being destroyed on the inside,
they are destroying everyone on the outside as well.

If people accepted males are sleeping with males,
whether in or out of the closet,
there would be no issues about it.

that feels like such a “duh” moment.
there are millions of black males in the world and a few are sleeping with other males.
that doesn’t mean every black male is either.
straight black males still outnumber gay and bi ones so…

andre’s interview with jason lee premieres tomorrow (12/18) on fox soul at 10 pm pst.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “vixens can’t handle the sexually fluid male according to andre marhold”

  1. Honestly many of these Men never allow these a Woman a chance to make an informed decision. I know two couples where the male is bi. One is married and the other couple have kids together. There are more people accepting of it than we think. Many of these dl men have no desire to be out they want to fuck and do everything without facing the title of beung gay

    1. Honestly many of these Men never allow these a Woman a chance to make an informed decision.

      I disagree. Women say they want to know, but many immediately rule a guy out when he IS honest beforehand. The only women I’ve known who were comfortable with dating such men were bisexual themselves.

      And what I disagree with about Andre is him saying sexual history doesn’t matter. STDS you might have been exposed to???? Um, yes it does, especially if you have kids. At the very least people should know if a crazy ex is going to show up on their doorstep. If you have an ex-spouse. These should be discussed. Anybody who wouldn’t want to tell me I’d assume they were still dealing with someone.

      The point is your ex should NEVER be able to approach me and tell me what y’all used to do. I should already be put on game!

  2. He spoke the truth!! But also there are a lot of women who are accepting of their men being bi, they just don’t want the world to know 😉

  3. I think everyone (within reason) deserves what they want . That being said a man has non negotiable s typically physical so a woman saying she want a man that’s only into women is her choice. Let’s be real women don’t want to be in public with a man breaking his neck at another man. She can’t live up to that.

    1. I agree. There is a disturbing trend of people trying to call gay men and lesbians transphobic for not wanting to date them. A lesbian deserves to date other lesbians who never had penises. A gay man deserves to date other gay men born with penises.

      I will never understand turning rejection into discrimination. Either we can choose our sexuality or we can’t. So if a woman wants to date a 100% heterosexual man that’s her right. What isn’t cool is saying she’d date a bisexual man if he’d just be open, then turning him down once he reveals that he is. People say lots of things to sound “progressive” but don’t actually mean them.

      1. Transphobia isn’t cute. You responded to a comment about women not wanting to date a man who is stretching his neck to look at men with a transphobic comment.

        Trans Men are men whether they have a penis or not. Trans Women are women irrespective of if they have a vagina or not.

        It takes nothing to accepting others. Instead of judging another LGBT person trying accepting them and minding your business

  4. The issue with this is, that 1.) most men aren’t open about their sexuality because of the stigma of being a black male engaging in sex with another male. It’s ludicrous to place the onus simply on women when men themselves created the stigma and 2.) men have normalized and objectified lesbianism and bi-sexuality amongst women. I’m sure if women were the ones with power the idea of men on men would be just as normalized as women on women. Also his issue is that he’s an attention whore willing to fuck Trump if it meant he’d have an extra 15 seconds of notoriety so he should sit this one out.

    1. Don’t take the responsibility off of women. To many women, a man who has been with another men is less of a man in their eyes. So when BOTH men and women can remove the emasculation due to not being hetero then we can move forward.

      1. You’re literally arguing that it is cool for people to reject trans people. Sis I’m not you can’t even have substantive conversation based in reality. Good day.

  5. Andre Marhold is probably correct on this point. Because of homophobia and biphobia, it’s probably true that many women (I’m talking about Black folks here) who may publicly say they’d accept having a bi man and would want to know the truth from their male partner really would not respond positively when they learn their man is bi, especially if he’s not just latently bisexual/pansexual/omnisexual but may want to get with men at some point. OTOH, the Andrew Gillum case is interesting to me because apparently he told his wife, they agreed to marry nevertheless, had children, and presented as a hetero couple until the scandal. I do wonder how she really feels now, though they seem in it for the long haul. But will she allow him to act on his same-sexual desires ever again, or would it have to be under no-scandal circumstances? How would many women respond if they did accept a bi man and they weren’t bi themselves?

  6. Him and Jason the penguin Lee need to cut out the clout chasing. There are plenty of women who are down to fuck with a “sexually fluid” man. Oh how soon we forget the young ladies who munched on Flashman’s booty and had a whole ass threesome with Lamont & Malik respectively.

    What Andre needs to do is tell those vixens his HIV status. He’s wasting like a Yoo Hoo from the bodega! Face looking like a greyhound with parvo. Torso looking like “save this child for 75 cents a day” head ass.

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