do i have the rona or is this regular seasonal depression? sheesh

i had to ask myself if i had the rona today.
i know one of the main symptoms is tiredness.
i’ve been so out of it these last few days.
these last couple of weeks?
i don’t know if this is a depression or what,
but i’m legit exhausted at 7:17pm.

i’ve haven’t really been anywhere besides the supermarket and the occasional cut.
one of which i space out for weeks.
i’m not out here traveling or mingling with strange company.
i’m not coughing or experiencing flu symptoms.
there is nothing dramatic health-wise happening,
although i am breaking out a little.

My energy is zapped.

my will to do anything has decreased.
i’m not even sleeping the whole night like i usually do.
this too shall pass.

Author: jamari fox

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6 thoughts on “do i have the rona or is this regular seasonal depression? sheesh”

  1. i think everyone is experiencing some stress on various levels and it’s thrown off our center. when our mind is not at ease nothing else is either. stress shows up different ways for different ppl. everytime i go out i’m paranoid about distance, clean hands, opening doors etc. then get home try to make sure i’m sanitizing. pull out your music and get lost in it for awhile, take a long bath, meditate do some self care. hopefully that will help.

    1. ^thank you cav.
      i def feel stressed and out of alignment with who i am.
      its manifesting in feeling tired,
      not being interested in my usual stuff,
      and just out of it completely.

      even during other holidays i felt lonely,
      i was never like this.

  2. I usually experience some depression during the end of the year. I was doing really good and then all of a sudden, i hit a brick wall and I’m experiencing it now. I have no energy at all, tired and apathetic, don’t want to be around anybody…

    It was so good just a few days ago. I hope this passes soon. Praying for you, Jamari 🤗

    1. Agree. I was upstairs in bed at 6pm last night. I can’t sit in the house for consecutive weeks like this. Don’t want to catch Covid going out but this sucks especially seeing friends out and about since March
      Also seeking companionship rn is difficult bc everyone talks a good game in quarantine but you ask yourself “is this really going anywhere when this is over?”
      I don’t want a bunch of meaningless hookups and ppl in and out of my house or Vice versa

  3. You need vitamins, babe. B, D, C, Zinc, and Elderberry would help too. They have them in gummy form at Duane Reade.

    You should also find a therapist. Wellbutrin would work wonders for you.

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