the rona’s sister is gonna take a first class flight to whoop our asses

i’ve been wanting to go somewhere on a plane.
i don’t know where,
but preferably hot and in safe social distance.
i need a hot wolf and a change of scenery.
i’m not all the way comfortable with traveling at this moment.
i saw that the uk has a new strain of the rona right now via “nbc news“:

Millions of people in London and the U.K.’s southeast will be forced to cancel their Christmas plans after scientists said Saturday that a new coronavirus variant was spreading more quickly.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson told a news conference that the toughest set of coronavirus restrictions known as “Tier 4” — will be put in place from Sunday, putting regions under the strictest lockdown rules.

which means this shit is probably gonna mutate into zombie levels of fuckery.
with all that going on,
you’d think the usa would be on the strictest of travel bans,
look at what our fired and fried fearless leader is gonna do…

President Trump could lift restrictions on travel between the U.S. and the U.K. on Tuesday — in time for Christmas, according to a report.

A lift on the restrictions would come via executive order, and has been recommended by the Department of Homeland Security, the U.K.’s The Telegraph reported Friday, citing unnamed industry and aviation sources.

The U.K. has also been lobbying the Trump administration to lift the restrictions, which currently ban entry for most non-U.S. citizens who were recently in Brazil, Britain, Ireland and 26 other European countries, Reuters reported.

you’d think this asshole would be packing his bags.

there is no reason why he would open travel to the uk with this latest news,
along with the raging rona that is destroying the usa from the inside.
i hear mexico is starting to get spikes since everyone is going there.
his final revenge might be to kill us all.

lowkey: if folks think the rona is gonna end in 2021…
i got a bridge to sell you in brooklyn.

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4 thoughts on “the rona’s sister is gonna take a first class flight to whoop our asses

  1. People are grown and selfish. Even if incentivized to stay home, they’d still go out to catch and spread the virus.

  2. He’s a dick, he can’t leave soon enough, worse than that is his band of supporters, he’s the pied piper of stupidity! The blind leading the blind.

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