even anthony davis is with the lakers, he’s with the clippers too

there are just some things that you know your parents taught you better.
you do something off and it’s like you could hear them behind you like:


nba baller wolf,
anthony davis,
should have heard his parents from wherever they are.
he decided to do this at the bench before his game on friday…


was he gonna play the game barefoot?
why didn’t he do that in the locker room?
how did he not think that he was gonna go viral?
i have questions that i’m sure won’t get answered.
i will say that anthony had the best glo up ever.
for someone who just signed a 190 million dollar extension with the lakers,
this stunt has him looking like a dirtbag.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “even anthony davis is with the lakers, he’s with the clippers too”

  1. A dirtbag? For taking hygiene steps on the sidelines…like every other player does? You making it way more salacious than it should be. And he should not be called out his name or mistreated for it.

  2. I need context. Like a video or sum.
    Ball players happen to have the most hammered feet. These new age one’s are lucky to have shoewear so comfortable. If these guy took a critical moment to prevent himself from becoming like Shaq I can’t hate him.

  3. Lol why is this news ? He clipped his toenails 😞 it could be that he forgot to or he missed one . Longer Toenails can be uncomfortable especially if you’re doing things like running up and down. People are weird smh.

  4. It’s nasty and the court is not the place. High profile athletes have many young men and woman looking up to them and emulate their actions ( Whether we want them to or not) . As “Civilized ” humans and professionals we need to have some sort of conformity.We have doors, bathrooms , locker rooms for a reason!!

  5. Hangnails effect their performance on the floor. He probably had no choice but to cut it on the floor. If it was really hurting the doctor probably told him to cut it. That or the coach told him.

  6. KY thing!….then perhaps those toenails interrupt his friction on the court in those sneakers…its painful. A locker room activity tho…but ID fucking know…its Anthony Davis

  7. He’s a guttersnipe for that, but IDC he’s so damn sexy to me! Pics do him zero justice. I’ve seen him in person and he’s beautiful. Tall af. Nice body. Nice cakes. Pretty lips. He puts the attentionistos to shame.

  8. Maybe his toenail was causing an irritation in his shoe? his nail could have been digging into another toe because the shoe was fitting tighter or maybe the nail was digging into the shoe and causing irritation

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