tyler perry shows us what a midlife crisis looks like

tyler perry is single and ready to mingle.
vixens would be stupid to turn him down?
he is God-fearing,
working on his bawdy,
has a whole empire,
and did i mention paid?
he posted this on his ig stories and…


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that beard is working for him.
is it me…

…or are people aging differently than some of our parents?

tyler looks like he is in the best shape of his life for 51.
it could be the money,
but i know others in real life who look really good for their ages.
is it our skincare routines?
access to the gyms?
makeup isn’t as harsh as it was?
people have adopted healthier lifestyles?
i still feel like black mirror’s “san junipero” is gonna be a thing:

where we live on forever in a virtual world without any aging period.

i hope tyler is able to find a vixen to spend the rest of his life with.
he has worked way too hard to be alone.

Author: jamari fox

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18 thoughts on “tyler perry shows us what a midlife crisis looks like”

  1. Tyler had that baby to keep people quiet. He single for a reason. He just left somebody to take his legacy. He not worried about a woman, he been this long without one. He good.

  2. Okay… Why is Tyler Perry single at 51 ????For someone who has built a career about relationships this doesn’t add up. I hope he is truly happy and if he is then great,

    1. Right! I aint know if he was being facetious or serious about that one. Everybody with half a brain knows that the last vixen he was with was just a hired surrogate to pop out a baby and maybe get some shine from association with Tyler. I guess the surrogate/beard didn’t want to renew the contract?

  3. His next chapter better be as good as that sequel he working on so he better be in shape in all MF places. #HowYouDoin

  4. I guess I am not seeing him looking his best in this pic, he looks like he has aged, almost as if he has had some work done to his face and maybe it just needs to smooth out. I saw a picture of the Rock this week and his face looked similar both of them to me look like the Puppet- “Madam” from the Solid Gold TV Show in the 80’s. I guess it is just a given in Hollywood you will have some type of surgery to maintain a certain look. Good Luck though on finding Mrs. Right Tyler, I am sure a good Old Baptist Church Motha is waiting to Sop you up like a buttermilk biscuit. Seriously its laughable that a Black Male Billionaire is talking about he is single, what a farce, just marry Oprah and get it over with.

  5. Some people lose weight and their face and body look nice. Some people lose weight and their body looks nice but their face suffers.

    1. He could be wasting. That would explain his sudden feigned interest in working out. ID doctors give HIV/AIDS patients steroids to muscle wasting, they also recommend facial fillers like Restylane and Juvederm to help with facial wasting. Juvederm works miracles for facial wasting. It’s long lasting (up to 2 years) but it’s expensive. Restylane does a good job too, but it’s cheaper than Juvederm, and lasts less than half as long. Perhaps he needs a re-up, or should give Juvederm a try, but Tyler is a Virgo and they are aggressively frugal.

  6. He’s depressed and in need of therapy. Don’t be surprised when we wake up one day to learn that he committed suicide.

    Tyler is a typical, awkward richgay suffering from trauma. No normal human being, gay, straight, or otherwise, would gloat on being 51 and single. Society teaches us all that this is abnormal, including those of us who live “alternative” lifestyles; he like other trauma victims, buried himself in his work as a coping mechanism.

    A workaholic uses work to take their mind off of what’s really going on in their life.

    He could’ve been in a long-term relationship with a man, woman, or horse if he chose, but he thinks it’s an accomplishment that he’s single, and frankly, that shit isn’t attractive.

    A lot of guys right here in NYC act just like him. They live on the apps, yet they play like they’re constantly busy with work or some work-related activity. Their dance card stays full (even in a pandemic) and they’re promiscuous, and alcoholic or drug addicts like hell. They post on social media as if their lives are oh so fun and fabulous when in reality, they hate their lives, they hate their jobs, they hate their families (that hate them too), they hate their friends, and they want to kill themselves because they hate that they come home to nothing but an empty apartment full of their thoughts.

    Like someone told me during a phase in my life when I thought it was attractive to be unavailable to those who were interested in me, “it’s hard work proving that you aren’t lonely.”

    But I guess one of you should shoot your shot and see where it goes. We know he likes them younger, lighter, and fitter.

    Side note: I will never understand Black men’s aversion to leg day. Like do you even walk? LMAO drumstick ass legs.

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