I Only Want You If Your Dick Is Still Attached

i was reading an interesting article today.
i’m in full blown “lazy sunday” mode.
it was from trans vixen,
nikki exotika,
who sat down with “out” magazine.
she was talking about her surgery and how her dating life changed.
this is the part of the article that stood out for me…

Q: Are you happy romantically?

I’ve tried. I’ve dated. I’ve been in love three times. But it’s hard. I had my sex reassignment surgery in 1997, and I thought my life would change drastically. It got better, but my love life dissipated. When I had a penis, before my operation, men were attracted to me because of that. When you hear “trans,” you want a girl with a penis, not a girl with a vagina. Now that I have a vagina, they don’t want me. They’re like, “Why do I want to be with you with a fake vagina when I can be with a woman who gives me babies?” Eventually—or while they’re with me, when they cheat on me—they go with a girl with a penis. Later, after I’m successful and get to that level where I’m content to be where I am, I can melt the block of ice. I feel like Maleficent. My wings were cut so many times.

I had no idea it was like that out there.

I’ve tried so hard to find a man who likes me inside—my talent, my look, everything about that. It’s not like that. I tell girls, “He wants you because you have a penis.” At the end of the day, it sucks, but that’s the harsh reality.

so can we talk foxhole?
i wanna talk.
after reading that,
my question is:

Are these “straight” wolves,
who strictly just mess with trans vixens, really just gay?

it sounds like some of these wolves are in heavy denial.
i’ve watched a lot of trans vixen porn over the years.
you’ll usually catch a “fantasy wolf” in an amateur scene.
 i’ve noticed those same wolves smash the ones with their pipes still attached.
in my opinion,
they seem to like the allure of a real vixen,
but they want the parts of a male.
they don’t want to go fuck a “fox” because it means he is legit gay,
but he is still fuckin a trans vixen in her foxhole like he’d do us.
so is that better?
fuckin’ a trans vixen to still lie to oneself?
so are all these baller,
and the hood wolves on your block living in denial?
i’ve heard a lot of them secretly mess with trans vixens.
a perfect example is blac chyna.
all of the wolves she has dated are allegedly bisexual.
in my opinion,
blac chyna looks like a trans vixen to me.
no diss to her,
but she only looks feminine when she is being regular.
all that maintenance and war paint makes her face “strong”.
that’s another thing too.
if i see wolves only dating “strong faced” vixens,
that makes my foxy senses tinge.
i could be wrong,
but it just my theory.

it is so bad,
i’ve seen some wolves fuckin males in drag on pornhub and xtube.
still have facial hair and all.
i could put on a dress/wig/knee length stockings.
i’d probably be smashing the wolves of my fantasies too.
i won’t.
after reading that article tho,
it opened my eyes to a lot of things i’ve observed.
you know i had to ask the foxhole about it.
i’d like to hear more thoughts on this.
so i had to ask…

Are these males just using the trans vixens to continue playing “straight”?

article cc: out

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

19 thoughts on “I Only Want You If Your Dick Is Still Attached

  1. I try to think of sexuality as a rainbow spectrum of color choices instead of just black or white, gay or straight. It makes it easier to process the variety of ways human beings have sex. For example, most straight guys may go that “passive” “soft-pink” type of female, while other dudes are attracted to a strong domineering “red” kinda girl and still others are attracted to our “hot pink” trans sisters who still have their penis – that doesn’t mean they secretly want to smash or get smashed by a musclebound “blue-black” baller-wolf. Even among gay men there is still a spectrum – some of us are attracted to hard “navy blue” sort of dudes and others of us are attracted to softer “powder blue” fellas. We are all just one big sexual rainbow!

    1. I think that you’re correct, Jamari Fox. And I also think that Taste The Rainbow is correct. Sexuality is a spectrum and I again suggest that people Google “The Kinsey Scale of Sexuality” and review a few of the articles found. It has been updated to deal with sexuality with regard to sexual orientation–gay, straight, bisexual–but also to deal with transexuals and etc. Knowledge is a good thing.

  2. Great post Jamari, I don’t think I can really answer this because it can be a long complicated conversation but here I go. I think some gay or bi wolves who identify as straight have different desires on who they sleep with. What, I mean is that these wolves like what they like. Some wolves like masculine foxes, feminine foxes, pretty trans girls, masculine trans girls, hybrids etc the list goes on. So, what I’m saying is that some of these wolves like what they like. A lot of these wolves who identify as straight who mess with trans girls are not going to mess with one who is post op, because yes they might as well be with a biological women. With some wolves they like the allure of having sex with pre op trans girls because it feels like there having sex with a biological women, but with a twist. There was a video a couple years ago of this (straight) wolf getting head from a trans girl. I visit that wolf Instagram page frequently and his girlfriend who is a biological female is very pretty but her face is always covered in a face full of makeup. So yes that correlation that you used with Blac Chya is true. So yes I agree with your question Jamari, but then again I think wolves like what they like.

    1. ^i love this eric!
      sexuality is so interesting to me.
      it’s like we are all so different in our desires and fetishes.
      i like muscles and the “masculine aesthetic”,
      but many do not like that i like.

      i definitely know what video you are talking about.

      1. I’m glad you understood what I wrote I was trying to make it short as possible. The type of men I’m attracted to are bodybuilders and thick wolves. I just love muscles that’s what I desire and I will not apologize for it. I will say I would date guys who are not fit, and don’t have big muscles, but I would love for my partner to have muscles that’s what I desire and gets me really horny. Oh yeah I’m glad you caught on about that video lol.

      2. Exactly, thats why I dont understand why people get so hung up on homosexuality, bc so many are engaging in the act. There are so many closeted men and women. And bisexual people. I think that when you are in a place like NYC where you have so many people from different walks of life, you might see the freakishness more often.OR at least more than you would in a backward ass town, like how I live in. My friend works at Transit in NYC at night, and he be witnessing so much ish, esp now since the summer has hit the city. The freaks be creeping. lol

  3. Another point of view, from her conversation in the interview. Is she still going to the places and hanging out with the same people she hung out with per op? If so she is meeting the same men with the same desires. As she is now a women should she not change her scene? Should she not move to “Straight” Hang outs? Keep your friends but socialize in a different scene.

  4. Everybody is being really nice so I’ll just be unfiltered. I have a cousin who is transgendered and a friend who was in transition and then de-transitioned. I have somewhat of a front view of this. If you pay attention to what the trans individual is saying from the interview you will see she is now being thrust into a reality that many trans like to deny. She is now understanding what the true interest was. They wanted her because she was male and offered them an experience that was comfortable for them. Now that she has no penis these men have no desire for her. These men are simply gay or bi it’s really that simple.

    Haven’t we all messed with that DL wolf that would make up all kind of rules as to why he is nothing but str8. “I only got head, I only fuck I don’t get fucked, I just fuck dudes I dont date dudes I only want a relationship with women” etc. These men are no different their excuse is oh it looks like a woman, yet they ar sucking dick and getting done. Bottom line straight men love pussy and not dick, maybe it’s so few left people are forgetting what they are.

    These men do not truly look at trans as women, and the person in the article is understanding that. If they did then having a vagina would have opened up so many doors but the men are telling her they will just get a real woman. It’s a harsh reality and that’s why my friend de transitioned. I mean these guys will bang pretty trans and trans that look like line backers. They don’t care, anyone of us can put on a wig and heels and get the same men as some of the most passable tranny. Ask yourself if these men We’re really str8 that wouldn’t be able to happen. It’s not about trans being women. You all should find a trans that is not caught up in the lies they will tell you the truth. Also people think these men will never mess with an actual man. That is lie many mess with trans and gay men.

  5. Actually most of you got it wrong when it comes to it all.

    To transgender people it’s about gender identity and feeling complete but many don’t go with the full bottom procedure because not only can you lose sense of feeling and arousak dyring sex but many complications can occur.

    When it comes to gender identity there are men who transitions into women and still date women, because they are straight. There is a difference between how you see yourself and what you like. It’s like when people bleach their skin, they are still black aren’t they?

    The men who date trans women only date trans women and heterosuak women. They have no interest in men or gay men AT ALL!!!

    The problem is I agree I’ve seen things about her (Nikki exotica) first of all with that name…is she a porn star? Like why? Anyway she only hangs out in the gay clubs and circles and she has a plastic look. The big boobs big butt implants so she has an audience that fetishes on her look and expect a penis.

    The men that want trans women even without the penis usually go for trans women like Janet Mock who looks like your everyday beautiful black woman.

    Laverne cox on the other hand says she likes Jewish with men and they like her, meaning she knows what they want and she knows what she wants. It’s more of a fetus here and I think she knows this.

  6. There is no such thing as bisexual it’s just a gay mans way of trying to throw people off. The men will use these weak minded females as a front aka a beard. Females do it as well.

  7. Are these males just using the trans vixens to continue playing “straight”? YEP! LOL. Trannies are a party that never stop going. Girl up top, man below. lol Perfect hybrid for these dudes. lol

  8. The things I wanna say about this….Imma just keep at ease but I don’t agree with it. I do like Jay’s comment though. It really hits some nice points.

  9. It’s not gay per se, it’s more so a fetish that a lot of straight men are into. As previously stated they wouldn’t be attracted to the penis if it were attached to someone masculine appearing.

    Just like how many gay men are attracted to trans men, but not women, despite both having vaginas. Who the genitals are attached too makes a big difference.

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