The Right Fox For The Potential Job

e5770c7b3f8a1ce1a2bf7881d14be129i got a job interview tomorrow.
it happened very random

so one of the recruiters i interviewed with emailed me this morning.

“are you still looking?”


the f.
how funny does God work?
it couldn’t happen at a better time too.
i was at my wits end with this job today.
i was just complaining about this job to those who are close to me.
you know i wrote about it too.
it took a few days for this blessing to come through.

i told my boss i needed to leave early for “an appointment”.
he was not happy,
but he granted my request.
i went and bought a white dress shirt and a black tie after work.

wish me luck!

Author: jamari fox

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12 thoughts on “The Right Fox For The Potential Job

  1. I hope to God that you get it if its truly for you. One thing I have realized is that we have to make our own way and blaze a path for ourselves and damn the conseqences. You got this bro!

  2. Wow you work your way through that obstacle, good plan. This must be a sign for you to move on and I have a feeling it just may work for you.

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