It’s Time To Move On

do you ever know when it’s time to move on?
for most of us,
it depends on how far we hit rock bottom.
once you see how far you have fallen,
that’s when you know it’s time to move on.
the rest either:

know from jump and be out
  don’t know and have settled to being okay with what’s given

i tend to try and stick it out until it’s the end.
i’m one of “them”.
i don’t know why,
but it has come to this.

that’s the problem

so i was talking to the pretty vixen this morning.
she low-key told me about myself

you have so much potential,
but fear is your biggest problem.
that job is so bad for you.
it is toxic.

you have to find the courage to leave there and move on.
it won’t get better.
you have been complaining about that job for 2 years now.

you are being taken for granted by people who know you tolerate it.”

Cry-sad-gifshe went on to say that i need to be more fearless.
if that job ever lets me go,
i will find a new one and things will work out.
that one thing i can say about the pretty vixen.

she is the eternal optimist

when she was jobless,
she didn’t care.
it was like she didn’t have one the way she was living.
she had an air tight budget,
but she was on the move.
i admire her for that.
she believes that i will be always be okay.
she is one of my biggest cheerleaders and i feel i let her down.
i got comfortable.
after being jobless,
i felt like i couldn’t lose this one.
i worked my ass off,
took the abuse,
and now i feel stuck in a rut.

i would rather be gone
i would rather them let me go

i don’t care anymore,
but i won’t ruin my reputation without a two week notice.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “It’s Time To Move On

  1. I’m feeling the same way. I just looked on linkedin last Wednesday and already someone from HR called me. Its alway good to connect with a recruiter or better yet craiglist

  2. Feel the same way as you Jamari. I been in my miserable job for the last few years, and I had been really scared to leave and start over somewhere else. These last few months have been trying for me, I have had a few incidents that happen to me that showed me I need to go. My dad told me something a couple months ago, he said life is too short for you to be staying somewhere your not happy at. I have been looking but can’t find anything but I know it will happen soon for you Jamari and I.

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