Interview Questions; Universe Answers

i felt like the universe pulled up yesterday.
it was almost like i asked for everything to happen.
nothing bad,
but just interesting.
that’s what we’ll call it.
so i had an interview yesterday afternoon…

you ever asked a question in your head and got an answer later on?
well that has been happening a lot lately.
the day before,
i asked to:

“meet a recruiter that’s like the pretty vixen”

even though the pretty vixen has a great job now,
the recruiter still sends her jobs.
so before i fell back asleep,
i randomly said:

“i’m not looking for wolves anymore.
i want someone i’m attracted to hit me up…”

…and fell back asleep.

i got to the interview on time.
now i didn’t know if its as gonna be a scam,
because a lot of those been hitting me up,
but it turned out to be a legit temp agency.
as soon as i walked in:

“your glasses look amazing!”

that was the receptionist.
i told her thank you as i filled out the paper work.
once i was done,
the director of the agency came out to get me.
she loved my glasses as well.
we had some small talk as she looked over my resume.
she realized something with my last job.

jamari worked for _______ and doesn’t your sister too?”

her co worker’s sister was someone i knew very well.
she was one of the vps at the company.

“i’m seeing her tonight!” – she said

“omg tell her i said hello!”

“do we have anything for him?”

they instantly started looking for any jobs they could put me in.
this is why i always tell folks to keep their reputations stellar.
you don’t know who knows who.
burning bridges should ever be your last option.
so she told me she wanted me to take a quick test.


now i’m not so good at excel,
but it’s needed in some corporate positions.
i went into the test with a “whatever” attitude.
i was gonna give it my best,
but i wasn’t gonna stress it.
when i finished,
the receptionist told the director how impressed she was with my scores.

word – 85
excel – 75

…but my typing test was the best.
thank the foxhole for that.
i was shocked i did so well.
i let the outcome go and that happened.
the director asked me what i was doing for the 4th.

i don’t have a job or a lot of money so i’m keeping it local.”

when i say “local”,
i mean in my crib.

“well don’t worry.
i’m going to find you a job.

i felt better in my spirit.
like something good was going to happen.
it felt different than the sports agency and the gym.
as i was leaving,
i got a text.

you been on my mind.
you good?”

it was him.
that sexy wolf from my last job.
i was around the corner from his new job.
i was also looking fly af too.

you working today?
i’m in the area and i’d like to come see you…”

come thru…”

that i did…
part 2…

14 thoughts on “Interview Questions; Universe Answers

  1. GO head, Go HEAD! But — Please, for the LOVE of #TeamFoxhole, start writing serial novels. We have paypal. I have read searialized gay fiction for years @ nifty dot com. and crvboy dot com. benchmark a couple of authors – Mike Arram at crvboy is a favorite. You are WHAT YOU DO!

  2. I had an interview with a retail grocery distribution company and I’ve been trying to get on with them as a graphic designer, but I applied for the sales and marketing clerk position. I feel like I got the job as the interview went well, but I have doubt as I am without money. I pray that I get that job though. Anyway Jamari, have a great July as my July will be the best ever.

  3. Giving things to the Universe can produce amazing results. Happy You had a great Day!

    1. ^and they only happened once i processed my emotions and started to chill.
      i can’t have “everything wrong” in the forefront.

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