The Write Up Un-Heard Around the Office

tumblr_mqamfeBmzf1rwmmmlo1_1280i got my first official write up today.
no woohoo?
oh the reason,
you ask?…

“being on the internet during company time”.
funny enough,
i literally went on there for two seconds.
i wanted to check something really quick.
i know.
bad decision.
all i know is after liar liar walked behind my desk,
later in the afternoon,
i was called into the office for this write up.
apparently people have been “violating the rules”
yadda yadda yadda…
and we need to read our company manuals again…
blahda blahda blahda…
she also gave me the company manual to read and study.

tumblr_naaxxmScNs1qi79cgo1_500honestly i didn’t care.
i just don’t care.
i signed it because i was clearly caught.
no need in arguing.
she was shocked how nonchalant i was.
hell i was shocked how nonchalant i was.
it is what it is.

lowkey: now i hope liar liar gets the same fate when she is online.

Author: jamari fox

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12 thoughts on “The Write Up Un-Heard Around the Office”

  1. You know better…you know better. You are giving them ammunition to use against you if they choose to fire you. That is all I’m going to say.

  2. Jamari I’m so tired of how they treat you im sure you can fight all this BS they putting you through..I know you heard all this before but you need to go to HR or ask for a transfer like asap.

  3. Yea. You’re over that job. My boss sent me an email about being late. I’ve been late every day in January. Im just not feeling it. Time to start hunting.

  4. At least you’re owning up to it, I sooo feel you on the no Fuchs to give. Shit once you’ve been somewhere for a long time shit happens.

  5. This BEOTCH is unreal, it is always people like this who have no real supervisory skills who are always looking for something on you like being a few minutes late, or using the internet etc, something everybody does, she definitely feels threaten by you and she is out for your blood if she is being this damn nit-picky. She does not have any real management skills other than what someone else is telling her to do. She will never go any further, they are setting her up to be the minority supervisor, most companies have a couple of them, they are put in place to control the Blacks that whites are scared of, and to do their dirty work, they will get used until a new ass kisser comes along and pushes them out, I have seen it so many times before. Dont think that her and her Boss have not heard others bragging on you and they both probably feel like you are a threat to them especially after you told Mr. Green your troubles. Its time to bust a move J, even if its something less you have to hit them where it hurts when they least expect it. People never appreciate how good they have it until you are gone. Watch your back heavy until you can get out of that hellhole.

  6. A few points…

    1) Don’t bother with HR. They are paid by the employer and their job is to minimize conflict. They rarely side with the employee.

    2) Now is the time to start looking for another job. It is always easier to find work when you are employed.

    3) You need to make sure you leave on good terms for the sake of a reference. Even if you hate this job, you want to be able to tell any future employer that they can call your present employer for a reference.

    4) Start documenting all the crap that is happening to you. All the times that you are being harassed. I knew someone that staved off being fired and got moved to a better position because they had documentation of all the crap they put up with. Employers are afraid of lawsuits. If you have dates, times, and a summary of the different unfair incidents that have occurred, you will cause your employer to think twice before going along with liar liar. Even if you are ultimately let go, you will cause your employer to look at liar liar differently if you have documentation.

    I think you will start to feel better about your situation if you become proactive. Frustration, Anger, and Depression are all emotions you feel when there is no sense that you control your situation. Going to work will become a little easier if you know you are doing things to make changes in your work life. Good luck!

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