“-A” Waste of Time

Bd-BUk9CIAECRZqso for 5 years,
i watched pretty little liars.
i waited patiently through all the twists and turns to find out who “a” is.
well yesterday i binge watched the entire 6th season.
everyone has been buzzing about the revelation of “a”.
i purposely ignored the barking,
although some of the foxholers messaged me like:


one of my home-vixens who i put on said i would be shocked.
she actually liked who it was.
well when they revealed “a” and explained the “batshit crazy”…

giphy-11…it was absolute and utter foolishness.
all these years and that is who “a” was?
the bad part is,
it doesn’t even make total sense when you look back at certain things.
then the whole “incest” thing.
they could have kept that to themselves.
i demand a do over!
i see why everyone put their foot in marlene king’s mentions.
for her to even say she was thinking that ending since season 1 is bullshit.
sounds like “caitlyn jenner” inspired her at the last minute.
personally toby or ezra should have been “a”.
aria working with “a” secretly would have been absolutely amazing too.
that would be the twist to make history.
then they trying to go all the way for a season 7?
and a movie?
say what?
they might be lucky to catch me when it returns next year.
i’m dead serious!
i might be blacklisting their time slot too.

lowkey: i don’t know what was worse.
this revelation or this one:

nrm_1431675114-dan_as_gossip_girlin my head,
and to keep me sane,

he took the fall for the real gossip girl.

2 thoughts on ““-A” Waste of Time

  1. I hate to say I told you so, but I did. Jamari, you were like a happy fatass kid in a candy store with PLL, but now you’re a fatass kid with diabetes just sad and disappointed.

  2. There were 2 A’s. Mona was the first one & cici/charles/Charlotte was the second one, taking over the identity after Mona was admitted to Radley. Red coat was a complete waste of time, but glad Emily punched her. S/n: did u ever notice how sometimes Emily got pussy when the girls were investigating? She the real MVP

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