It Came All Over Me This Morning (Blessed)

tumblr_mo1ewocTCy1ru0d96o1_500ya know…
i was sitting in church today and something came over me.
something that felt like it was about to burst out my tear ducts.
i know.
i am very emotional for whatever reason.
i needed to share it with the foxhole…

i am so blessed.
do you know how much a blessing it was creating this website?
do you know how blessed i feel when everyone leaves a comment?
i can be honest and say that you all are my family.
i don’t have a lot of friends,
and i don’t get me wrong i cherish the ones that i do,
but i spend more time thinking about everyone who comments.
i spend more time thinking about what needs to be done for this.
i spend days at that job wishing i was blogging.
sometimes i have an attitude and people at work wonder why.
i keep the faith that when i get off,
i go home and get right into “it”.
“it” that has brought so much happiness in my life.

looking back,
i am not the fox i was when i first started this site.
i was so depressed.
ready to give up.
writing on this gives me a reason to wake up in the morning.
reading your emails about what i have done in your lives.
do you know how how humble that makes me?
i coulda been one of them to start feeling themselves.
i just continue to be thankful and grow right along with ya.

i know i’m not perfect.
i’m not rich.
i’m not a celebrity.
i’m not an attentionisto.
i’m not like everyone else.
i’m just me.
someone who is passionate about what he does.
thank you all for just sticking with me all these years.
thank you for the comments.
thank you for just everything you do to contribute.
sometimes i can’t get to every email,
or not post every topic,
but know its all greatly appreciated.
hell you guys keep me up to date on things i miss most of the times.

i do miss blogging during the day tho.
it will happen again.
i’m speaking that into my life.
only thing is i will be making money to do it.
i will still be able to pay my bills,
and have more stories to tell.
foxi bradshaw / fox in the city type style.
working at this job makes me realize what i don’t want to do with my life.
i’m not happy there.

even tho it was a blessing i desperately needed,
right now it is the season that have to get back on my feet.
even though i get off work and i am super exhausted,
i still make sure i write something.
i’ll be damned if i stop.
so again,
thank you and i love you all!
lets keep on “GLOWING”until the next “foxhole” era,
shall we?


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “It Came All Over Me This Morning (Blessed)”

  1. And what a blessing you have been to all of us in the foxhole Jamari. Keep up with the good work and keep doing what you love. You know we’ve got your back!

  2. Awwwww!! We love you Jamari!! I don’t comment as much as I used to…but best believe I am on your site everyday. You are so inspirational and I hope all your dreams come true. Keep up the excellent work.

  3. Love this, and you are greatly appreciate and loved. Keep it up bro. I wish you nothing but the best in the future man.

  4. Thank you, Jamari. I look forward to your reading your blog. Now about money. Money makes the world go round. I understand that there are some who make a nice chunk of change doing video blogging on YouTube. Have you thought of that?

  5. I look forward to coming to this site. I do realize I need to calm my black ass down tho. I go hard sometimes. Who am I kidding, all the time. That’s why I stopped commenting for like a week last month. I said to myself “damn, I need to chill.” Lurked for a little bit and then when I decided to comment again, I was back to being my usual bitchy self. I let people, including one’s from my past, get me too angry. I love seeing your new entries even though I think this is a fake government run blog trying to gain info about the black LBGT community. Jamari Fox is just the persona all CIA employees use. 😉 🙁

    I wanna know J, did you ever find a barber?

    1. ^lolol @ government blog!!

      im sitting in a new one now.
      I have pictures and graphs ready to present how I want my hair done.
      im not even playing with these people today.

  6. Aww that was sweet, I really love your blog I feel like you’re a friend in my head. I feel you have a good spirit and your writing shows it you and everyone here make it such a joy to leave a comment and have conversations about topics in this lifestyle period. I don’t really have any gay friends(working on it) but I feel like I’ve got a community here.

  7. Aww I consider you as family too. I always look forward reading your blog and the comments. I love you, J.

  8. Thank you J for opening yourself up to us and giving us a platform to express ourselves. Much love to you!!!

  9. We have blessed you? More like you have blessed us. Your personality is sparkling…it comes through in your blog. And hey, none of us is perfect but it takes a real man like you to admit it. Please keep up the good work and I know God is going to bless you with many years of blogging and success.

  10. U r like a friend in my head too. I check the blog every single day man. I miss the days when u were blogging during the day too… A new era is coming for all of us!

  11. Thank YOU J for being transparent and giving such GREAT advice! A good book says, “be not weary in WELL DOING, but in DUE SEASON you will reap if you faint not.” Keep up the good work, because it WILL pay off when the time is right. Love ya!

  12. No thank you for allowing us to be a part of the many dreams, issues, and desires that so many of us experience in this thing called life. Keep going.

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