What I Like To See On A Sunday Morning

goodmorningnothing better would be better…
than opening my eyes to something like ^that on a sunday morning.
how good is god?
god is good!
all the time!
now hurry so we can go to church and head to ihop after.
big steak omlette,
and oj.
yes please!

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “What I Like To See On A Sunday Morning”

  1. Peep the lower back tho. A wolf appreciates a dude with a deep arch in his back. It makes a butt look more even more impressive.

  2. That lets me know God does not hate gays. He made men and women. How can you make attractive men such as the one in the picture, yet claim to be a he and against homosexuals. God is bi. I’m not even going to leave a winking emoticon implying that I’m joking because I’m not. 🙁

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