Beyonce and Nicki Minaj Are “Flawless”

flawless-remixafter that “anaconda” disaster i talked about earlier,
nicki minaj tries to redeem herself.
she joined beyonce on the remix to “flawless”.
check it out…


my reaction:







Blair_Fake_Smiling_At_Si shed a slight tear.
good to have you back on board with a solid verse.
sounds like a winner.
a little bit more effort than “anaconda”.
well its not like her guest features aren’t always hot tho.
its her solo shit that’s always sketch city a majority of the time.

Author: jamari fox

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17 thoughts on “Beyonce and Nicki Minaj Are “Flawless””

  1. This is the same woman that sang “when Jesus say yes”… Bey, please stop it. Just stay worshipping satan because you’re confusing your young stans

    1. I’m so sick of people acting like they live by every word printed in the bible. Acting like you don’t suck dick and say your prayers in the same night.

  2. People claimed she would never mention elevator incident.
    Last week some business site said she and Jay are worth a billion dollars.
    That’s my take.Yeah shit went down and yeah we are together and still worth billion dollars.
    You Mad
    Listen Bey is my home girl from Houston so I am a loyal fan.I just drove by her church where she donated $7million to help feed the homeless so I am a BeyStan.

  3. I guess you would know Beyonce worships Satan because you and her hang out all the time. Haters never seem to amaze me.

  4. it was okay but i wanted them to do an original track…something with an uptempo….but nonetheless i still like them just think the song is okay

  5. so wait? You cant praise God and speak on your personal life. What does When Jesus Say Yes have to do with this remix. This ain’t a blog about scripture and yet when it’s time to judge niggas can recite it. Then we’re gonna band together to come at these white girls appropriating black culture and making a mockery of black culture and we cant even let our own men and women be great. Ya’ll gotta grow out of that shit

    1. Your entire comment lost me after your “What does X have to do with Y” question. But to answer that a person can not sing the gospel of the lord then proceed to act above others telling them to “bow down bitches” it’s very contradictory. We all know her as the fast ass yet religious girl who thanked God in every acceptance speech & who humble and spoke well about her relationship with Christ. This new stuff is out of her character & a lot of people are oblivious to it.

  6. The only people that think this song is remotely hot are the Beyhive and the Barbz. Both groups usually hype up their queens medicore efforts anyway. More senseless bragging from Beyoncé and doodoo stink rhymes from Minaj. Like another commenter said, I could do without it.

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