I Like It When Its Fitted Just… Right.

meet carmelo anthony back in 2005.
that was when everything needed to be “big”.
well those days are long gone,
but it seems some people are still wearing over sized clothing in 2014.
you wanna know the secret to looking good in your clothes?
well i’ll tell ya…

“wear clothes that are fit your body size.”
its that simple.
one of my biggest pet peeves is clothes that don’t fit.
it looks sloppy.
fitted clothing looks so much better on a slimmer frame.
this should be what you are going for:

you see how that looks?
its not tight.
gives enough leg room.
if you happen to have that bawwwwdy,
you know you can’t be shirtless every day.
well unless you are on instagram.
so go for clothing that will hug/highlight your body:

i can’t…
what was i saying?
yeah so go to your closet now and follow this chart:

tumblr_mca3m7ildu1qbswx9o1_r2_1280your new season of the upcoming foxhole “gold digga era” is about to start.

*photo credits and courtesy given to their owners.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “I Like It When Its Fitted Just… Right.”

  1. Yeah I research fashion trends and read GQ and Details Magazine religiously, but I’m too lazy to execute correctly. Everything I buy is blue or striped. Lol and I don’t wear half of my clothes lol

      1. Oh I’m one of those types that’ll never cook or dress myself again if I get in a relationship or get married. Just hang my outfit on the door and have my meals cooked lol

  2. I wear clothes that hugs my body nicely. But oh man I had trouble finding jeans that fit me right because I have big thighs and small waist, but I recently discover stretch denim jeans. I am sooo in love with it.

  3. I just started getting into fashion. I’m a late bloomer.

    Woe at Carmelo. Them big ass pants are not the business, and braids always made him look like a butch lesbian.

  4. Ok, I’m sorry but that highwater pants look the white guy in the light blue shirt and dude in the blue shirt with floral prints on it…is NOT a good look. Leave that shyt back in the 50s/60s where it belongs!!! It bothers me!

    1. I agree. The black dude wearing the floral shirt and blue pants is a no go. All you can see from the side is ass, and I know you can see more from the back. Nah, I’m good. I have a dick and balls to keep cool lol.

  5. I used to dress very preppy, than a little skater, now I’m feeling street style HEAVY. I’m all into sneakers and jogger pants with cool athletic shirts and such which is weird cuz when this shit was popping I was never into it. Oh and p.s. I’ll wear the hell out of a floral shirt.

  6. Lala and Melo were both a mess.

    I can’t relate to none of the bottom set of pics, but I can with some in the top.
    My style is more like the dude in the red and black shirt with the brown jeans and the one wearing the light blue shirt, the tie, and blue jeans.

  7. Baggy clothes *throws up in mouth a little* lol
    People still do that? Anyway, I’m a pretty slim dude, so I can’t just wear anything or just any brand. Slim fit clothes are my savior. Not skinny, but slim fit (there is a difference believe it or not). You should do more posts like this Jamari! Please and thank you!

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