13 thoughts on “The Skinny: UNCUT (For Limited Time)

  1. I enjoyed it. Although someone said it reminds them of “Sex and the City”, I didn’t really have a problem with it mainly because my friends and I are like this.
    The only real difference is that we’re all pretty masculine and currently live in the same state.

  2. I really enjoyed this film… it was all too real about Sebastians lil ordeal, that stuff really happens to the young ones in the community when no one really has there back or is lookin out for them… Imagine he was saving his self for kyle, and he lost it to derrick briggs smdh…. I almost shed a few tears….

  3. Pretty cool movie. It would have been better if it wasn’t centered around a pride weekend, because ultimately it was about clubbing/sex/drugs/rape O_o Can the next one be about everyone getting together for a graduation/vacation?…Hell I’ll take a NBA finals week, Super Bowl, All Star Weekend, wedding (overdone), funeral (overdone too). But ANYTHING other than a pride event. We’re more than than just going to a pride event……I’m just sayin…

    1. I agree.

      It’s a part of the community, but there are other things that gay/bisexual/curious men enjoy that don’t include the club, a pride event, or popping pills.

      1. Show me a success story and then I’ll answer that one. They were so genuine with each other. No judgment. Just love.

  4. Oh yeah Jamari I loved Anthony in this film!!! I’ve been a fan since the Destiny Fulfilled tour with that soldier dance scene. I was also looking for dick & ass too.

  5. I liked it but I feel it could have been longer. It feels it unresolved but that could be intentional to set up a sequel in Atlanta. Even though I appreciate would Patrik is doing for our community I really feel like he is becoming Tyler Perry creatively. Because Punks, Noah’s Arc, and the Skinny are almost the same movies just different cast and time peroid. It’s like a gay sex & the city over and over again. Even though there are some people who wished he had more butch characters, I don’t mind I just want variety in his stories. Write a movie about a young gay coming out, or a gay coming up in the entertainment industry, a closeted rapper, etc there are so many more stories he can bring to the big screen.

  6. Good movie. I wasn’t feeling it the first five minutes, then after that my eyes were glued to the screen. It was very interesting tho. I can’t believe Ryan shot porn in Magnes’s apartment WTF? That shit was crazy as hell, I would have beated that ass to a pulp. I aint gonna lie, I was sitting here with a few tears running from my eyes when Sebastian got date raped, he was a lil cutie man, and it was even sader that he was a virgin and that’s how he lost it. I had tears in my eyes before he even left with those guys. I haven’t watched a movie that made me cry in years.LOL

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