The “Too Cute; Too Corny” Wolf

Steven Beck.
LL Burrell.
Braylon Edwards.
Ace Rockwood.
Brian Pumper.
Justin Timberlake.
Pooch Hall (Derwin from The Game).
Half the Wolves on Twitter and Facebook.

These are Wolves the average Fox would not kick out of bed.
But even though they are super fine, they are also super corny.

Here is why…

Have you ever met a Wolf who is FINE but something about him reeks desperation?
You see them out in public and you think: “damn shawty is FINE.”
But as soon as they open their mouth or they get comfortable,
it’s NEXT.

I hate when that happens because they kill the fantasy.

I remember this was this Wolf I met who use to do sound at his church.
He was really attractive, but he was CORNY.
Light skin, thick muscular, and a nice pretty penis.
He let the fact that he worked for his pastor get to his head.
His style was wack and his teeth looked like an old picket fence…
… but the fact he had a “position” added a few inches on his dick.
After that, he wasn’t even cute to me anymore.

Devin Thomas even suffered from it for a minute.
I noticed when he was everywhere, he became really big-headed.
He wasn’t humble anymore.
He came right back down to Earth once he was kicked off not 1,
but 2 teams in the NFL.
They made him out to be a bad player and OD into his looks.
He has since calmed down from being so extra.

And that is mainly it.
Being “extra” and losing that “humble” aspect of the program.
It is low self-esteem being expressed into cornball attitudes.
They lack the smooth and suave of finer low-key Wolves before them.
I guess it is the constant repetitive compliments about their looks.

Have you noticed they have a look of innocence
that they try to turn into sexy and it hardly, if never, works?
They do things they think will deem them as sexy, but it looks way too out of character.
Some Foxes and Vixens eat it up because they get caught up in the looks aspect,
but they will soon learn what I am talking about.

I’ll take the Wolf who doesn’t know he is fine, sexy, or even cute any day.

Here are some examples of FINE Wolves That Aren’t Corny

Paul Walker
Justin Slayer
DeSean Jackson
Nic Harris
Romeo Miller
Trey Songz
Adrian Peterson
Rudy Gay
Gary Forbes
Lance Gross
Allen Payne

2Pac (R.I.P)
Shannon Brown
Christian Keyes
Michael Ealy
Idris Elba
Apollo (Phadera’s husband)
… you get my drift?


22 thoughts on “The “Too Cute; Too Corny” Wolf

  1. You’re right. Pooch Hall, who plays Derwin on The Game as well as Malik and Jason are all sexually corny. I did, originally find Derwin fine as all hell, but lately he has lost it. Can’t stand Justin T.

    1. he just doesn’t have “it”.
      His modeling pictures proved it for me.
      He is very attractive and when the first season of The Game came on,
      I was all about Derwin but….
      …. He lost it with me too.

      He just comes off really corny and not smooth.
      He reminds me of LL Burrell.
      They just try to hard to be the image of what “sexy” is and it comes off very forced or something.

  2. DeSean and Apollo. Those are whole men right there. *drops computer and fans myself* There’s just something about DeSean. He’s always doing something good and not for the good boy public image. I wish he lived next door.

  3. Im sorry. I stopped paying attention after I saw Justin Slayer. That man trumps ’em all! Fav scene? The BTS with Jane Darling in “Black Pipe layers 2.” There’s also a scene where he dicked down a chick on the floor of a video store. Damn, he makes my dick jump!!!!

    1. I could be perfectly fine and as soon as I even see that man stroking,
      with his big ass and thighs GETTIN IT IN,
      I’m already horny.

      Shit I’m horny now…

  4. I’m gunna have to disagree and say i think trey songz is corny now that he cut off those cornrows and found himself a stylist.

      1. This ‘Trey Songz = wolf’ thang keeps messing w/me…I see a fox w/a radioactive dick…

  5. I just dont care for any of them but I definitely know what you mean. Sometimes you think they’ve got more corn than damn farmer brown! Just so cheesy and unnecessary….but it works for them.

  6. Completely agree with everything u said. But, um, Jamari, I need u to tell the whole story about how u came to find out how the cornball at ur church has such a pretty penis, and what came of that whole situation.

    1. lolol
      it was really nothing.
      he asked me to stay while he locked up the church.
      he asked if i wanted to see it and since i never decline a peen visual,
      i said sure.
      he whipped it out and it was a thick 8″.

      his attitude turned me off so i was done with him.
      he tried to bad mouth me and say i tried to come onto him.
      since he was corny as hell, no one believed him.
      he started fucking up his own reputation and now he is a smoked out loser.

      i won.

  7. OF COURSE I DO! Just his name sends me into goo-goo-ga-ga mode…Did you see the underwear scene in Takers…dude is something special

  8. I’m Sorry J I do get your drift but hmmm…lost my comments after I read the name…’Idris Elba’ o_0

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