Lay Down Some Rubber (3)

Steven Beck VS Quintin

…but if  could only choose ONE,
who would you lay down some rubber for?

Author: jamari fox

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16 thoughts on “Lay Down Some Rubber (3)”

  1. Honestly….neither one, but aint that quentin from baldwin hills? Im sure they’re nice guys to have some coffee with or whatever young people do today….listen to rap and eat cookies or something.

  2. Its somewhat of a hard choice but im going with Steve. He so sexy but Quintin got a tightr body. If only i could get a wolf like either one of these. All i seem to be attracting are the 40 and up club. I mean nothing wrong with that but i need an alpha to lay it on this fox. I need something like a Dez B. or Devin T. Yes Jamari i said Devin Thomas he can lead my wolf pack any day LMAO. Feeling this blog its giving me what i need. Keep it up!

  3. I would say neither one honestly, and is that the boy from baldwin hills? the one name quentin? I guess they look like they are cool to have some starbucks with or something….I dont drink coffee n stuff but I guess i could have some water or juice.

  4. Isn’t the model posted the same person? How about adding a pic of the other guy for comparison?

  5. Mos Def Quintin…dude just exudes that ‘Imma Fuck You Silly and Make You Call Me Daddy’ persona…and those lips…mmhmm.

  6. If i had to choose… Thats a toughie. I’d have to go with…Quintin. Steven is gorgeous but there is something more appealing with Quintin. Can’t quite pin it down.

      1. Its really sad… but you are absolutely right!!! I’ve been next to Beck in the club while he was talking to his friends and i was just like…o.0? You’re.. low key… annoying lol.

        1. I got the vibe from him recently.
          Like he tries to hard or something.
          Don’t get wrong,
          I wouldn’t kick him out of bed…

          …But I wouldn’t want him to stay to long in it either.

  7. You’re assessment is correct. He did come off that way. Like he’s corny and its very apparent when you see him being himself. I would compare him to LL Burrell in that respect.

      1. Does fine = Corny?

        Sometimes! They’re so attractive that no one is going to tell them to SHUT UP & HAVE A SEAT! Not even other straight boys lol.

  8. They look pratically alike! Lol

    Still, I’d f*ck Beck…I just hope they’re not too pretty to be good in bed…

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