Platonic Non Potential F*ck Buddies Who Do Things Without Sex

Teyana Taylor beating some chick’s ass for Chris Breezy made me think about something the other day…

Everyone is talking about how Teyana and Chris are fucking and that she was defending her man.
In my opinion, Teyana and Chris appear to just genuine platonic friends.
Which kills the myth that men and women cannot be friends without:

1 one secretly trying to fuck another
1 is gay

Seriously how many dudes do you see that are genuine friends with a pretty Vixen…
who isn’t patiently waiting on the day so he can smash?

But in this Fox/Wolf lifestyle, it seems Wolves are less trying to be “friends” and more want to get down to business.
I found that to be very interesting because as much as I become friends with a Wolf, the motivate is still the same.
I’m either trying to get it in OR he is.
Could I be friends with a Wolf looking like Devin Thomas, or would I be plotting and scheming to get that penis?
And could he be friends with me without fucking me a few times before we called a sex truce?

A Fox made this quote to me:

“Only way a Wolf and a Fox can be genuine friends…
is if one is ugly or if they already fucked and are hoping to fuck again.”

I laughed but it seemed like a pretty legit statement.

So, can a Wolf and Fox be strictly JUST friends?

Author: jamari fox

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4 thoughts on “Platonic Non Potential F*ck Buddies Who Do Things Without Sex”

  1. Homosexuals really should learn not to identify themselves so much by their sexual position. A fox is no more the equivalent to a vixen than a man is to a woman. Being a bottom doesn’t make you the “woman” in a relationship.
    Can two MEN be friends? Yes.

  2. When I’m in that situation then I could say yeah but then again I may never know…there are Wolves in my life whom I look too only as friends (but that was only after we became closer and more than likely they have a Vixen already – #donotjudgemelol) but most times we will never know whether our relations with a Wolf is strictly platonic because whether or not we assume it is…they may be waiting on the right moment to slip inside. Although I have seen it with others from the outside in, I do not know if they already fucked or whatever….until the time comes.

    WHERE IS VAIN? Awaiting your response Brother Foxx.

  3. Is the question whether or not we can be friends… or whether or not we can be friends if we are both attracted to each other? Because there is a difference. I know a few wolves who I’m cool with but either he’s not interested or I’m not. The question may have to be answered by looking at our own friendships and who they’re with. For example, all of my close friend are foxes… so…

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