f0xmail: Can I Have Friends Who Aren’t Trying To Smash?



Hey Jamari…

I  hope all is well. I haven’t “checked in” in some time now. I am still a loyal reader. Keep up the good work as always . So I wanted your views on something : Are platonic relationships in this lifestyle a thing of the past? I am a discreet bi wolf. I have the hardest time having/keeping LGBT friends.  When they find out about me  they want that FWB situation. They give that “I always had a crush on you” speech or switch up. I only share with them in hopes of our friendship growing stronger. It never works out. I strive for the bond you have with starfox (bonds are forever). I lost a childhood friend through something petty. No real reason. You know one of those “I’m making this a big deal but it’s really something else” situations. I felt it was truly due to the fact I was not into him that way. Upon telling him I was bi he switched up. He started acting more like we were dating. My then childhood friend once said to me “you’re a guys “guy” like the one everyone would want”. I did not know how to take that. I still don’t know. After him it all was the same if I shared. Only decent lgbt “friends” I’ve had are dudes I once messed with. But that never last for obvious reasons. I feel like their advice is always bias because of the past we shared. But back to the question : Are platonic relationships in this lifestyle a thing of the past? Or is it just me? Thanks in advance.

Thank you,


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You Are The Cousin I May Want To Screw

I love when my crib has one more voice other than my own.

As a single Fox, you can live a semi lonely life.
Sure, you can have a contact list full of friends and associates.
But I believe your home is your sanctuary and not everyone needs to be up in there.
You can also have various Wolves in and out giving you pipe when you need it.
But, as you are waiting for the right Wolf, you can come home to a lonely house 95% of the time.

I had my Cuz, who happens to be a Hybrid, stay with me for the weekend.
He is from another Forest and wanted to visit, since he had business to take care of.
He had no where to stay and I would not have it if he stayed at a hotel.
I had prior engagements to take care of, but we still had a chance to talk and catch up.
On his end, he ended up having a strange situation with a dude he met last year.
Left me wondering at the end of the story:

Uh, is that guy straight or not????

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Platonic Non Potential F*ck Buddies Who Do Things Without Sex

Teyana Taylor beating some chick’s ass for Chris Breezy made me think about something the other day…

Everyone is talking about how Teyana and Chris are fucking and that she was defending her man.
In my opinion, Teyana and Chris appear to just genuine platonic friends.
Which kills the myth that men and women cannot be friends without:

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