Moment of Honesty (2)


I’m sorry but…

I would let this mofo screw my completely stupid.
I would let him hit it so hard I’d still feel that dick in 2012, 13, and 14.
Fuck me until my soul has to tap you on the shoulder and say:

Damn nigga chill!


I had a low key crush on Memphitz ever since I peeped him in The Concrete Forest.
I didn’t know WHO he was but all I remember was this muscular chocolate tall Wolf was walking in my direction and I nearly collapsed.
I had to ask my co worker who he was because I was mentally masturbating.
I could just imagine him picking me up and pipe slammin’ me in mid air.
Meanwhile, I probably do not know who or what my name is.

He is FINE AS HELL in person.
Kinda corny,
but I don’t need him to actually talk in full sentences. 


Sorry Toya.
I know that is your fiancée and Ima let you finish but….

I just want him for one night.
You can have him after I’m done.



Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Moment of Honesty (2)”

  1. i meet him in person b4 aswell. his body does want you to mentaly fuck yourself but his speach…. well he nice to look at lol

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