2020 vision

i look healthy again.
you would if you spent your days unemployed.
all you can do is eat,
and heal.
i’ve noticed so many things here coming to an end for folks.
my homeboy just texted me and let me know he got fired today.
he is married with two kids with no idea what he’s gonna do,
but he is hopeful.
truth be fonted,
his job was so stressful and he was just there for the benefits.
i think those are the things that are coming to an end tbh.
situations that weren’t good for us.
my spirit wanted to share something with those who need it…

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i’m getting better at saying goodbye (wonderland)

as much as disrespect can sting,
i still leave every situation in my finest hour.
even in a break up/ended relationship with a wolf.
sure i’ll vent about it,
and i’ll probably shade them for the rest of their life,
but i try not to be “that fox”.
the one who turns hyena or jackal after something ends.
so things ended at wonderland today and i handled it with…

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“i don’t want to do this anymore.”

you just want to give it all up and move on.
i can understand that.
what i don’t understand is lack of communication.
we aren’t 6 or 7 anymore.
we are grown ass adults now.
we be fearless to have raw sex with a stranger,
but scared to be honest with someone we love.
i am.
so imagine being in a relationship for close to 8 years,
you think you’re with the person you’d grow old with,
and they randomly hit you with

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