i’m getting better at saying goodbye (wonderland)

as much as disrespect can sting,
i still leave every situation in my finest hour.
even in a break up/ended relationship with a wolf.
sure i’ll vent about it,
and i’ll probably shade them for the rest of their life,
but i try not to be “that fox”.
the one who turns hyena or jackal after something ends.
so things ended at wonderland today and i handled it with…

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“i don’t want to do this anymore.”

you just want to give it all up and move on.
i can understand that.
what i don’t understand is lack of communication.
we aren’t 6 or 7 anymore.
we are grown ass adults now.
we be fearless to have raw sex with a stranger,
but scared to be honest with someone we love.
i am.
so imagine being in a relationship for close to 8 years,
you think you’re with the person you’d grow old with,
and they randomly hit you with

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Tyler Perry Gets On The Horn for Mo’Nique

well i’m impressed.
i guess “talk yo shit” is making a strong come up.
mo’nique been talking and now she is getting apologies as well.
so according to mo’nique,
allegedly tyler perry is the first to reach out to her.
this is what she said via her periscope
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Kordale N Kaleb Are Officially “The Hot Separated Dads” Now

d723b3ce86982a07bc1dc1beebebf457d754bf8bremember these kind folks?
the sexy gay dads have the gazillion cubs?
well they were engaged and now they’re kinda not.
they have ended their engagement.
an f-bi sent me the article from madam noire and well…
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Walter White Is Base God and You Will Bow To Him

tumblr_mty1smQalA1sjya2bo1_500i weeped like a little girl watching breaking bad last night.
i’ll admit it.
no fucks.
last night was the final episode of breaking bad.
i am so happy of the breaking bad team for how they ended it.
walter white went out like a g.
he is my tv hero.
went from awkward chemistry teacher to the one not to fuck with.
“i’m the one who knocks”.
i felt so sad for him because you get so invested in this man’s life.
sadly he got too wrapped up in the game and left a lot of broken people in his trail.
i couldn’t stand that ungrateful bitch and son he called his family.
in any event:
breaking bad was one of the best shows ever.

if you haven’t checked it out,
please please please!!!
they are all definitely on ( x netflix ).
(i’ll hook you up with the final season).
if you didn’t get a chance to watch the final episode:

x watch it here

good bye walter white.
it was a wild five years,
but it was sooooooooo worth it!