i’m getting better at saying goodbye (wonderland)

as much as disrespect can sting,
i still leave every situation in my finest hour.
even in a break up/ended relationship with a wolf.
sure i’ll vent about it,
and i’ll probably shade them for the rest of their life,
but i try not to be “that fox”.
the one who turns hyena or jackal after something ends.
so things ended at wonderland today and i handled it with…


i spent the day doing my daily duties.

– organized the cabinets
– put all the food deliveries that came in away
– washed all the dishes in the sink
– restocked all the toilet paper in the bathrooms
– put fresh sodas, juices, and other items in fridge
– cleaned up the desk i was renting for two weeks

one of the snow wolves gave me the most awkward “bye” before he left.
i returned the gesture.
before i left,
everyone else in the office went into a meeting.
i wanted a clean break.
none of that “let’s keep in touch but you won’t” shit.
you add them on social media and they unfollow you shortly after.
so i wrote a nice professional “thanks for working with you” message.
it was on the public office channel they communicate in.
i didn’t wait around to see if anyone replied.

i don’t feel sad anymore.
i actually feel content.
i’m getting better at saying “goodbye” these days.
wonderland was another learning experience.
i ended up making some extra money,
met a connect i’ll keep in touch with,
and now it’s time for another adventure.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “i’m getting better at saying goodbye (wonderland)”

  1. I wish you could be a fly on the wall, when they hire their snow vixen and she does none of the things that you do and of course they will make excuses for her because she has the complexion for the protection. I can guarantee you your presence is going to be missed. People always take you for granted when things are running smoothly, but will notice it when its not. It is going to be so funny when they hire Blonde Judy and she is going to think that she is too good to do the things you did after she is on the job for a few months. I seen it so many times, the Snow People do not like to work at all and will complain and get out of work any way they can. Wishing the next adventure is a good one.

    1. Tajan that was spot on, brother you’re always writing real stuff. Jamari good luck with everything I know you will find something you love sooner than later. Also Jamari the last few days I couldn’t get on your site. It was a pop up that kept popping up every time I came to visit, at one point I even had to turn off my phone, because I couldn’t get on the Internet. I’m glad today I able to write up here.

      1. ^omg i hope it’s not because of the ads i have up.
        that really frustrates me because some get issues and others don’t.

        are you still seeing anything today?

  2. I’m feeling there’s a lot to unpack here. I’m feeling that the company felt some conflict on your part when you didn’t advocate for yourself and when you told your temp agency that only young white women were being interviewed. You weren’t wrong to raise this issue but i’m Noting that no people of a certain age or other minorities were interviewed either. When you did a great job on your last day they sensed some conflict as well. It sends a kind of mixed message to employer that they don’t have time or energy to figure out or manage.
    I don’t feel that this job was a great fit either. For someone so sensitive and aware and a blogger raising issues I could see if you were doing supportive/administrative tasks at a non profit that was moving things forward for minorities but i don’t think that is this opportunity. I feel that you are trying to master a situation where you don’t fit well instead of choosing one that would utilize your strength

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