chris evans might have confirmed being killed off in avengers 4

chris evans is one of my snow wolf crushes.
he has been for many years.
i think he is fine af and when he plays “captain america”:

…i’m in need of a whole pitcher of water.
i think he might be done with his super hero role tho.
they wrapped up “avengers 4” and chris tweeted this…

i felt he was gonna be done after this next installment.
i’m sure plenty of other marvel characters are over too.
i hear it’s making way for a whole new chapter of movies.
comic box foxhole: can you confirm or deny this?
even though i’ll miss chris as “cap”,
i’m sure he’ll be in many more movies to drool over.

can’t wait.

lowkey: i think tony stark is gonna die too.
Β robert downey jr seems like he’s over it.

11 thoughts on “chris evans might have confirmed being killed off in avengers 4

  1. I’m sick of Tony Stark/Iron Man & RDJ. Iron Man was an unknown and became a surprise hit. Nothing endearing about a self-important womanizer.

    I’ll miss Capt America WAY more than him. In the comics, Steve Rogers dies and Falcon takes over the title of Capt America. I’d love to see how Trump fans take that change if they’re bold enough to do it.

  2. Where is that guy on here who gave me a summary of the Hollywood era. I feel the same way Jodie Foster does when it comes to superhero films. (I just like to talk noise to see who knows their stuff.) One of the Foxholers was pretty informative.

    Honestly, I wouldn’t be so sure about them boasting superhero films for too much longer. Movie fatigue is going to set in soon. This happened with the Western genre. Our spandex warriors ain’t immune.

    I usually sideeye superhero movies. These days it’s either a generic superhero film or a remake of a classic that turns out to be too modernized with excessive explosions and eye raising CGI. (That means the movie lacks a cohesive plot.)

    The last film I worked with was Jurassic World and that was before the budget cuts sliced our market and they moved productions to Virginia and Atlanta. I swear our governor was da*n fool for that move. A lot of jobs were lost.

    Actually, I’m just trolling Marvel fans..πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    I’m more of a fan of things like Hellboy and Spawn.

    Interestingly, my job is having a costume contest and I’m trying to get some of my department to participate. The other department want to go as game characters or whatever “Sims” (a mess), but Im trying to get my team to go as Marvel characters. Despite me not being a huge fan of Marvel, I already claimed the Blank Panther role so I am buying me a suit soon cause the other department lost they mind if they thinking they gonna outshine my team… I have one girl coming as Lady Deadpool, trying to recruit a Spiderman but he talking bout he coming as the Milk man…and I’m like wtf is that? That ain’t no Marvel character fool. Chile, these folks these days…Lord help em.

    Honestly, all y’all Marvel nerds need to have a seat.. We need a new Street Fighter movie …Come on through Chun-Li!!! Spinning Bird Kick!!

    I heard they supposed to be doing either a He-man or Thundercats movie but I’ll hold my breath on those..Now I fawks with that right there. 🐈🐾

    They already setting up for a Child’s Play reboot…Smh.. I just give up with our movie industry today.

    1. Now if they gone do Thundercats they got to bring it! Gotta have the right casting & script or just leave it alone.

      On another note if someone could make a good Dragonball Z movie that would be dope! The fanbase for that is crazy!

      1. Lord. Not DBZ. It ain’t happening. I can see it being terribly put together (again). Some mediums are best left in a certain format…DBZ is one of them…unless they are going to cast all Asian characters and give it a VERY high Marvel budget, I could see it happening but I’m sure they will Americanize it too much..(again). And yes, the budget will need to be absurdly high. DBZ is a series that has like no plot whatsoever. Bad guy shows up, stock hero steps up. It’s actually the perfect superhero bait but the film looks like it would be so costly to make. After the first bomb, Hollywood will is super cautious about going that route again and putting forth so much money is risky.

        You think Asians want to see a white man playing Goku??

        What I found interesting was the Spiderverse. I like the little black Spiderman and the girl one from a different dimension. I wish this was an actually a live action movie. I tend to like Spiderman here and there. I never liked Captain America at all..but I ride hard for Gambit and Kitty P. I like the low key mutants if I do like any.

        What will kill the current superhero phase is the fact that people are getting used to certain characters playing a specific hero…and well they can’t play that hero forever. It takes a lot to put into a movie so I can understand some of them like…yeah, I’m done and it could also mess with the type of movies you will be cast for. What if Chris wanted to do a serious role one day and folks are like..what is Captain America doing in Titanic 2? Bomb!!

        Watch closely, most of the current superhero folks are getting tired of playing these roles in a weird way. It’s nothing new with us having different Batmans and Superman though over the years.

        They need something totally a Black or Latino Batman or a Black Superman. Considering that children see these movies, it might be a good idea to incorporate different races so that they don’t get so used to the American “stock type”. We can have an Asian Batman or whatnot. They already rework the original comic story to be applied to film, I don’t think it’d be too much for them to do this.

        Also they could also use a push to Black females superheroes.

        As you have noticed, Marvel (or superhero films in general) have been all about the men straight through with Wonder Woman.

        Black Panther wasn’t the first character to hit the scene, since Blade (and Spawn who was also a black man) had already been on the market but strangely, no Black Female counterparts, Halle Berry in Catwoman don’t count. I’m talking full fledged dark African woman struting in Wonder Woman or Supergirl (woman) gear.

        Hell, we need more diversity with films like Jurassic Park seriously.

        I do like to troll Marvel fans for just fun but I wholeheartedly think Black fans need to support new and upcoming diverse superheroes and get out of these same stock characters that have been around like forever. How many Wolverine movies do we actually need…Goodness..

        So for me, these movies are lackluster and most of the time. If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen em all, just copy and paste another Lillian or hero in the previous ones place.

        The question is: is the world ready to embrace it or will it be stuck with the same generic characters every generation giving us the same generic storyline…Bad guy shows up, blows up things, good guys shows up and gets superpowers and they fight..more explosions and The End.

        Long rant

  3. I think a lot of ppl going to be shocked at what’s going to happen in 4. Even the characters are clueless at this point. Right now reshoots are going on in Fayetteville at Pinewood Studios in Georgia and In the Greater Atlanta. Keep a close eye on Stark From what I’m hearing Black Panther is being propped up to become the central focus of all he super hero films. No one anticipated Black Panthers success and better believe the audience is ready for more. Being in the industry there’s a lot that goes into making these films. Sidenote anybody in Atlanta looking for an opportunity to be in Avengers simply follow (extra extra casting of the south) on facebook.The hours may sometime be long but it’s fun and something can remember always. Mariah and Kris are cool ppl at the agency.

  4. They did mention that these actors are signed on for 3 of their own films.

    Plus I figured with how big this movie was somebody wouldn’t survive in the end. So the question is are they doing what the comics did or just push remove the character all together.

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