i’m getting better at saying goodbye (wonderland)

as much as disrespect can sting,
i still leave every situation in my finest hour.
even in a break up/ended relationship with a wolf.
sure i’ll vent about it,
and i’ll probably shade them for the rest of their life,
but i try not to be “that fox”.
the one who turns hyena or jackal after something ends.
so things ended at wonderland today and i handled it with…

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they could as well put a confederate flag up in wonderland

i sat in wonderland with full disgust today.
it was before lunch so my appetite was gone.
in the climate we live in,
we are bound to feel “painfully black” in some way.
folks are not shy about their racism.
so i was telling my cousin hybrid about wonderland today.
we haven’t spoken in a while and he wanted a life update.
did i have a ton of shit to tell him!

i told him all that was going on in this temp job.
he didn’t want to believe what i was fonting.
no one does.
while i was pouring him a good cup,
he was in the background googling.
he sent me a few links to events the company held…
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they really want a doll house in wonderland

“hey jamari.
i know you’ve been here for a week.
you’ve done a pretty good job doing all of the basic tasks we asked for.
you’ve taken initiative to make sure the office is fully stocked and cleaned.
how are you feeling about this position?
is it something you’d be interested in?…”

in a perfect wonderland,
my current supervisor would run that paragraph by me.
i sat and watched all the interviews from my head huntress come in.
not only that…

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no one belongs in wonderland more than you, jamari fox

the universe leads you to things you asked for unexpectedly…
so this morning,
the gig didn’t start out too good.

i got up early,
left my spot early,
and headed to my new gig early.
i ended up at the wrong address wayyyy across town

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