2020 vision

i look healthy again.
you would if you spent your days unemployed.
all you can do is eat,
and heal.
i’ve noticed so many things here coming to an end for folks.
my homeboy just texted me and let me know he got fired today.
he is married with two kids with no idea what he’s gonna do,
but he is hopeful.
truth be fonted,
his job was so stressful and he was just there for the benefits.
i think those are the things that are coming to an end tbh.
situations that weren’t good for us.
my spirit wanted to share something with those who need it…

*2020 is the year of 2020 vision.
that means that those who started off with the struggle are getting clarity.
your eyes will be open more than ever this year.
even if you didn’t lose anything,
you will be more “open” than ever.

that is how i’ve been feeling these last few weeks.
my eyes are open.
things i’ve had on mind have been manifesting pretty quickly.
when i ask a question,
i get an answer.
right now,
it sucks because the struggle is real,
but i know there is a bigger blessing on the way for me.

hold on foxhole.
it’s coming.
something inside me wanted you to know this.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “2020 vision”

  1. Manifesting never works for me. Things get way worse so I try best to just accept whatever happens to me.

  2. I hope your words ring true, Jamari, because right now just feels like the extended version/directors cut of 2019…

    1. ^i cleaned my whole apartment,
      mopped with florida water,
      washed all my clothes/sheets,
      took out all the trash,
      cleaned off my work desk with florida water,
      and tried to go into 2020 with a positive mind frame…

      …and i guess The Universe had other plans for me.

  3. I feel the same way Jamari. This year and the start of this decade are giving me an odd sense of like “rebirth” or something. I’m very surprisingly finding myself unbothered by A LOT of stuff I used to let get to me so much.

  4. Not sure if I am one of the ones who needed this. A year ago I step out on faith and resigned from my LA County child protective service job with no job in place. I have been struggling to this point of being evicted by the end of this month. My mental health is kicking my ass and constant thoughts of suicide stay on my mind. I try to tell myself something bigger is in the pipeline, but one thing after another keeps pushing me back. I don’t know what I am doing wrong. Hard to plan a transition with no money. I am tired, very tired Jamari.


    1. ^why did you resign mark,
      if you don’t mind me asking?

      i feel really defeated at this moment myself.
      things just feel like they’re falling apart.
      i’m gonna pray that we can pull through this.

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