they didn’t care about you like you thought they did


this has been a really interesting year for all of us.

the fact we made it close to the end of 221 says it was a good year.
even though a lot of shit went down for me,
i (and you) are about to finish out Q4 strong.
many of us ended friendships and situationships this year.
i won’t lie but it hurt my feelings to see how things ended with some,
but my biggest thought was:

“They hurt me and no one has hit me up to even talk about it.
It was so easy for them to bounce.
All those ‘I love you’ and ‘You are so dope’ meant nada?

but the reality of why they haven’t reached out is simple…

They don’t care.

they don’t care about you.
if people that were once in your life actually care about you,
they’ll hit you up to have a conversation in a few days or maybe a week.
if months go by and there is not even a text message or email,
it’s safe to assume they were never really down for you as you thought.
thats perfectly fine.
i was so easy to dismiss is really fucked up,
but it’s the reality of life and people.

If they cared,
they woulda BEEN contacted you.
If you were so special,
they wouldn’t even let beef stir in the pot for so long.

so in 222,
when people bounce out your life and don’t hit you up to at least talk about it:

They don’t care and never cared about you.

…and as much as it hurts,
you won’t care anymore as time goes on either.

“Your heart is not open so I must go.
The spell has been broken, I loved you so.”

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “they didn’t care about you like you thought they did”

  1. I had a convo earlier about this
    They always gon watch I have someone who ain’t contacted me since Jan always watches my stories within the first hour

    And I realized despite us talking almost daily texting etc for months he never really showed love the way he did to others .

    I didn’t have reposts in his story or constant likes and comments on my pics from him

    But yet u can’t stop watching me
    It sounds narcissistic but u have to get on their narcissistic level sometimes
    When you’ve done all you can and know you’re a good person and people dismiss, reject, or are unappreciative

    “It’s not me, it’s you.”

    Leave them where they got you fucked up at

    1. Yep, they’re always watching. A part of me knows to see if I reached the potential they were afraid I’d reach. That’s why I deleted and started over.

      There’s nothing lamer than someone ‘checking your social media’ instead of ‘checking on you’. Even the ones who do, mostly it’s out of being nosey, than genuine concern.

      The only texts and calls I pick up is my aunt who I know genuinely cares. Everyone else gets left on delivered.

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