so willy suarez maceo will sell you a house and kill (literally) your shit too?

we never suspect the attractive of being vile.
many of them can slip under the radar with their fucked up ways.
you see how many people give cute folks a pass for being awful to others.
once we gas up someone’s head,
their fuckery knows no bounds.
^so that hyena,
willy suarez maceo,
sells houses in south florida.
he is also an alleged serial killer down in south florida too…

A south Florida real estate agent is suspected of targeting homeless men in “ruthless” attacks, shooting two fatally and wounding a third, police said.

Willy Suarez Maceo, 25, of Kendall, was dubbed as a “suspected serial killer” Thursday by police after he was charged with shooting a homeless man near downtown Miami late Tuesday, the city’s interim police chief told reporters.

Police said the victim survived and was in extremely critical condition late Thursday. Maceo then targeted another homeless man two hours later, the Miami Herald reported.

In that attack, Maceo is suspected of pulling up in a black Dodge Charger and fatally shooting Jerome Antonio Price, 56, as he slept on a sidewalk in the city’s Wynwood section. The deadly gunfire was captured on surveillance video, but Maceo had yet to be formally charged in the slaying as of Thursday, authorities said.

Maceo was initially jailed early Thursday on a trespassing count, but cops said they planned to charge him with murder and attempted murder.


imagine how many people were shocked like,
this mofo sold me a damn house!!!!“.
was he sport killing for fun?
was that his fetish or something?
real estate agent by day and psycho killer by night?

if he is a serial killer out here,
he can find a new career selling cells on cellblock d.

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10 thoughts on “so willy suarez maceo will sell you a house and kill (literally) your shit too?

  1. He had an affinity and wanted to kill so he went after the homeless. Most serial killers will attack sex workers, addicts or homeless because they know cops won’t put a huge effort into finding the perpetrators. Cops would consider it a ‘victimless crime’ and that the deceased shouldn’t have been on the streets. The reason question is how many people has he killed in the past.

  2. Willy Suarez Maceo is proof that psychopaths can come in all different kinds of packages. Just because it’s pretty doesn’t mean it can’t also be rotten to the core. Only a true psychopath would target some of the most vulnerable people in this society, people who don’t have lodging or shelter and are treated like they’re inhuman by those with money and power. Blatino Bateman, if it turns out he’s guilty and is convicted, which seems likely, should never leave prison.

    1. If you look at his fb page, he wasn’t always sexy—he had an awkwardness about him. I think he was struggling financially and murdered the homeless out of frustration.

      Looks is DNA. How a personal looks has nothing to do with the content of their character.

  3. Since he worked in real estate, I bet this has something to do with a built up resentment of homeless ppl affecting his business. Whether it’s about squatters, or random homeless ppl bringing down property values across the city, this story is definitely gonna find its way to the ID channel soon.

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