so willy suarez maceo will sell you a house and kill (literally) your shit too?

we never suspect the attractive of being vile.
many of them can slip under the radar with their fucked up ways.
you see how many people give cute folks a pass for being awful to others.
once we gas up someone’s head,
their fuckery knows no bounds.
^so that hyena,
willy suarez maceo,
sells houses in south florida.
he is also an alleged serial killer down in south florida too…

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the dating apps have killers on them

we gotta be careful with “good looks”.
in the life,
the physical is what usually gets our attention.
if we’re not careful tho,
it can be what ends our lives as well.
i’m not fonting about ruining credit or getting stressed.
that is light work compared to this story i’ve been following.
that is danueal drayton up above.
that is not his college id picture.
he is the handsome hyena who was caught the other day.
he happens to be an alleged serial killing hyena.
the scary part?
tinder and ├╝ber pool being where he found his victims.
this is what “the cut” had to font about danueal…
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