the dating apps have killers on them

we gotta be careful with “good looks”.
in the life,
the physical is what usually gets our attention.
if we’re not careful tho,
it can be what ends our lives as well.
i’m not fonting about ruining credit or getting stressed.
that is light work compared to this story i’ve been following.
that is danueal drayton up above.
that is not his college id picture.
he is the handsome hyena who was caught the other day.
he happens to be an alleged serial killing hyena.
the scary part?
tinder and über pool being where he found his victims.
this is what “the cut” had to font about danueal…

In mid-July, police began searching for Danueal Drayton, a 27-year-old Connecticut man, who allegedly raped and killed 29-year-old Samantha Stewart, a nurse from Queens with whom he’d matched on Tinder. They eventually tracked him to a hotel room in Los Angeles; when a regional task force barged into his hotel room, they found him holding another woman captive after he had sexually assaulted her. Now, as more details emerge, police suspect that Drayton may be a serial killer who seeks his victims on Tinder and ride-share apps.

On Monday, Drayton pleaded not guilty in Los Angeles County Superior Court to charges of sexual assault and attempted murder in the case of the North Hollywood woman, who met Drayton in an Uber ride. Drayton is also wanted in New York for the rape and murder of Stewart, whom Drayton reportedly met on Tinder. New York investigators are also looking into other cases to which Drayton is tied. For example, a month before Drayton allegedly killed Stewart, detectives in New York’s Special Victims Division were investigating a Brooklyn woman’s report that Drayton choked and raped her after they went on a Tinder date.

While Drayton has been linked to the three above victims, the Connecticut man claims to have far more. According to CBS Los Angeles, when he was interviewed by investigators after being arrested, Drayton bragged about having committed at least six other murders on the coasts. However, no one tied to the other alleged victims has come forward so far.

“If you look at the body of work, what just took place, it’s not much of a stretch unfortunately to think that there are going to be other victims,” Dermot F. Shea, the chief of New York detectives, told the New York Times. “We need those victims. We need them to come forward for a lot of different reasons.”

i bet he got far just off his facial too.
even though the alleged crimes were with vixens,
i can only imagine the carnage if he was gay.

according to “rolling stone” tho,
danueal has an excuse why he was out here allegedly killing.
the voices in his head made him do it.
this is a quote from the article:

A week after Danuel Drayton was apprehended by police in Los Angeles, saving the life of a female hostage, The New York Daily News scored a jailhouse interview with the self-professed serial killer, who blamed his alleged crimes on “voices” using “direct-energy weapons on me to control my mind.” Drayton told the paper that he is “a passenger in my own body,” and suffers from schizophrenia and bipolar II disorder, though police told the Daily News that he has no history of mental illness.

one his victims did an interview with “abc news” yesterday
zynea barney actually dated danueal for a bit.
this is what she had to say about her experience:

you never know who is getting on a dating site.
one of my home vixens just broke up with a jackal from “match”.
it started out perfect.
they were going everywhere,
taking fly pictures,
and looking like “relationship goals”.
it took 4 months for this jackal to show his true fur.
he started trying to mentally/emotionally abuse her,
along with potential stalking.
they may look good,
and it may start off perfect,
but you never know the demons folks are carrying.
so that leaves me to wonder

How do you know someone is “off”?

from the first red flag?
maybe the third?
you can ask every question and still get a surprise.
you just never know.
i hope my foxhole doesn’t experience any crazies out here.
rip to the victims from this story.

lowkey: this is why all wolves won’t be coming to my crib so fast.

articles cc: rolling stone | the cut

read more of zynea barney’s story: abc news

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “the dating apps have killers on them”

    1. He did his homework though. After getting caught he’s blaming it on voices.
      The shrinks will poke holes in his self-diagnosis. Hopefully he really is fighting mental issues, because if not that’s just sick.

  1. Damn, talk about the new breed of serial killer. Remember “Ugly Betty ” Michael Brea. He was fine but coco that one day

  2. I never go by what someone looks like, i judge off your actions, how you speak to & about other people as well as myself, and even then im cautious, everything that looks good aint good for you! So sad for all the women involved 😔

    1. @Bryan…what you say is true.

      That is what a lot of these guys do. They play up to what they THINK you want/expect, to let you get comfortable. That’s when the REAL personality starts to show. I must be a rare breed because when you show me one ounce of “off behavior” I’m done. No second chances with cray-cray.

      I dated a guy who seemed nice. The first time I told him no that I didn’t want to do something, he showed a spark of anger. I let it pass. The next time I told him no, he punched the side of his car. That was it for me. That dude harassed/stalked me for months trying to intimidate me.

      Some women/guys don’t get that “chance”. That first time the person exhibits off behavior, could be the first and last time they are on the receiving end.

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