kim kardashian ain’t with the shits

when did kim kardashian start getting so tough?
i know she has had twitter fingaz before…
so it wasn’t because she called tyson “sis”
…which confused tf outta me.
it’s these clips circulating at how she went at her sister,

if i was kourtney,
i woulda slapped her.

lowkey: i think those 4 cubs are getting to her.
the 3 young ones and the older one she is married to.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “kim kardashian ain’t with the shits”

  1. Kim is really awful. If kourtney was as awful as her she wouldve got kim together about her badly built body. Kourtney shouldve said let see who better to look at in 15 years. I mean kourtney could have gone real low as say thats why you have to deal with a psychotic for the rest of your life.

    I rememver when Rob compared Kim to the bitch in the movie gone girl. Now i see why…..

  2. I’ve never seen the show at all nor a clip of it until today. This is the first time i’ve seen this foolishness in the clip you’ve posted and i’m glad to know i haven’t been missing anything by not keeping up with them nip and botched tricks. Kim is about to be pushing 40 and she still acts like the youngest cub in the family that talks shit but will never see you in person. Ugh, she looks just as orange as our scammer in chief in those clips like what in the ever living hell? This might be blasphemous, but i don’t even think Jesus could fix this mess, not that even he wants anything to do with those devil spawns.

    She is a whole ass clown. So now any black man that doesn’t lust after her Frankenstein built-a-thot ass is gay? GTFOH! She needs to get over herself. Calling Tyson a “sis” when she is married a “sis” that has more chemistry with his fashion designer than her. She got life fucked up if she thought that was a clapback. Fuck that tired succubus.

  3. Tacky, Trite and Petty K. K. West, Wow even though Tyson may have been out of line, about his comments no matter how true they were, you crossed the damn line. Trying to call someone out about their sexuality, further lets me know that these so call friends to the community aint shit but a bunch of lip service, and laugh and giggle at your gay ass as soon as you turn the corner. I am sure Tyson just laughed it off as the gay rumors have followed him for years, and ironically, I personally have never gotten a gay vibe from him, but of course you can never know a 100 percent about anybody, but I know K.K was just mad cause he told the truth and she knows that implying a heterosexual man is gay is hitting below the belt. So sick of this whole family of wash up acts, just wish they would go away.

  4. Both of them were wrong. Tyson did not have to say anything, but I do not like how woman always bring up sexuality as an attack. This is something that has to stop. I do not even think she came up with that herself either. I blame Kanye for most of it.

  5. This is like watching a girl throw Barbie dolls around the room…The girl being Melania and the Barbies, the Kardashians.

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