when “he ate the whole dick up off grindr” has an entirely new meaning

the following story literally has me font-less.
the amount of crazy that lurks within the shadows of our online worlds is scary.
hookup apps like grindr and jack’d are always such a gamble with our lives.
we have talked about the countless tales of hookups gone wrong in foxhole’s past.
i continue to pray for all the foxholers that are on hookup grind.
kevin bacon,
not to be confused with the actor…

…went on grindr for a hookup because he was depressed during 2019 holidays.
he met up with mark latunski and well…

The man accused of slitting his victim’s throat, hanging him from his basement ceiling and eating his testicles in a grisly Christmas Eve murder will return to court early next year.

Mark Latunski allegedly confessed to the disturbing 2019 killing of 25-year-old hairstylist Kevin Bacon, who he met on the dating app Grindr.

Bacon was found hanging naked by his ankles from the ceiling in Latunski’s home in Bennington Township, Michigan, on December 28.

He allegedly cut off a part of Bacon’s genitals and ate, according to court documents, which is how his parents learned about the details of their son’s murder.

“It’s gut-wrenching to hear the details and we’re beside ourselves.

It appears Bacon knew Latunski had a violent sexual fetish, according to court documents.

the violent sexual fetish was “murder”?
im confused and um…

was kevin that hard up on his choices that he chose that creature?
would you swipe “come fuck me” if you saw his pictures?

that hyena was also married when this all went down btw:

Court documents revealed the horrifying details of the murder and that Latunski would sometimes stop taking medication for mental health issues.

His estranged husband told WJRT last week that Latunski “didn’t act like there was anything amiss” after the murder.

this is part really is so fuckin’ real.
you know how we all want to get fucked when we are going through something?
this is why we fuck exes or people we shouldn’t hook up with for that quick fix.
it’s similar to those who seek out drugs or alcohol.
it’s natural to crave the “feel good” endorphins and oxytocin after sex:

Myers, Bacon’s roommate, told Rolling Stone that he met up with family members and learned that someone he didn’t want to see was coming in for the holidays, so he was looking for a distraction.

That led him to browse through Grindr, where he met his alleged killer.

He turned down game night with Myers and other friends to meet with Latunski for what was supposed to be a quick hookup, Rolling Stone reported.

He never returned.

if only he chose game night over dick.
i know i can’t tell ya’ll what to do but please screen these candidates off these apps.
i mean we can get murdered by people we know so there’s that.
they say we are likely to be killed by the people closest to us.
i guess it’s “good luck and hope for the best” when we let folks in our lives.
stories like this really disturb me tbh.
i hope kevin didn’t suffer too much before he died.
may he rest in peace.

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read the rolling stone article in full: here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “when “he ate the whole dick up off grindr” has an entirely new meaning”

  1. I’m sorry but that Man looks thrown off. I’m learning after being on this Earth what my Grandma would say. “Everyone doesn’t have that sense of discernment”. That lustful thinking will lead folks to their doom. People dont evaluate the situation, the context of the way they’re chatting with folks and even the approach. I’ve had friends go to suspect places to link. I’ve convinced my friends, both male and female (because its not just happening to gay Men it’s actually happening more to women) to inform each other of the person they’re going to meet. We screenshot pics, convo and important details to be safe. I had a situation where I posted a ad one night, and received an response. He was handsome, had a nice body, seemed cool so I sent my number over. For some odd reason ,though, something said don’t give him your address. I slipped and gave the block but not my actual address. So as he’s enroute he text and ask can he bring a homie and sends a pic over. You can clearly tell the pic was of a IG person and not his friend. I responded ‘I thought you said you were DL and didn’t hookup with people so how all of a sudden you got a friend just waiting on standby?”.

    He then says “what’s your addy bruh”. I didn’t respond. Then he begins saying I was being a bitch and he wouldn’t hurt me. Afterwards i kept ignoring him. Then he says he’should fuck me up. I blocked him but couldn’t sleep that night out of fear.This was July 2016 at the time of Craigslist. It’s scary. Sorry if spelling is off I’m half asleep on my phone.

  2. Y’all need to have a buddy system when y’all go on hookups.

    When me and my best friend used to run the streets in nyc in our 20’s, if we were hooking up with guys, we would always tell another what the place looks like, the addy, and any pics that they sent out. Didn’t matter when we eventually moved to diff parts of the country. If shit is not to your liking, have ya buddy call ya phone with an excuse like 5-10mins in. Talk regular on the phone. Have a system in place that lets the other person know if you’re safe or not. Share locations!! It’s so much easier to keep tabs on someone in 2021 than it was in 2008. If it gets to where the police have to he called, keep it real with why you went over there. We all have sexual needs, so don’t be too embarrassed.

    Don’t let ya guard down with NONE of these pineapples. Everybody should have a buddy system in place when meeting someone for a sexual meet up. People are too crazy out here nowadays.

  3. People have some of the weirdest attractions. What did he find attractive enough to even go over there in the first place is beyond me. You come across my Jack’d or Grindr looking like Grizzly Addams, I’m good. Its gon be another night or a jack off night. You would think after hearing these stories people would have a system, if I don’t text you back after saying ok, we good to go. If I don’t text you back and I need an excuse to leave, call the police. I sent you my location. Another Jeffery Dahmer, that is sick! He hung him up in the basement and ate his… this is why I deleted my Jack’d and Grindr. Too many stories like this, I’m good.

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