trump says bye bye.

as for trump,
i don’t believe a single thing he has to say or font.
i guess we can believe his conceding statement from his twitter…

bye trump.
this should have happened a month ago but whatevs.

lowkey: he is about to tweet joe biden to hell for the next four years.

Author: jamari fox

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3 thoughts on “trump says bye bye.”

  1. What a charade..I’m just laughing at this whole fall out. That ship is taking on water and his party is already resigning as we speak to denouncing his presidency. I could at least believe the speech from Pence conceding.

      1. Trump drove his psycho followers to put a target on Pence’s back during their coup attempt on Wednesday. They were screaming out that they wanted to “hang” Pence as the marched through the Capitol hallways. They set up a noose and gallows across from the Capitol too. I won’t feel this country is anywhere near a better place (whatever Biden turns out to be as president) until this corrupt wackjob Trump is out of that White House officially, out of his job, and off the streets. Prosecute him for his laundry list of crimes and put his 8ss behind bars.

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