michelle obama breaks (it) down

michelle obama is a great “everything”.
i am always impressed by what she has to font and say outloud.
one of my dreams is to meet her one day.
as you know,
the united states witnessed a very low moment in recent times.
everyone is either still talking about it or trying to purge it out of their systems.
i’m here for the purge.
michelle obama shared her thoughts via font on her twitter today…

i think the thing that saddens me about this incident is how it all went down.
it was extremely ghetto and felt like i was in two different dimensions.
we saw how they handled white terrorist hyenas,
but it was a different look during peaceful protests for black lives.
as much as they tried to blame black folks for destroying property,
and we definitely had some pineapples doing dumb shit,
there were many white jackals breaking windows and destroying shit.

…And then the nerve to call yesterday’s siege a “peaceful protest”

all i know is that everyone needs to stay vigilant.
no matter what side you are on,
shit gon’ left” ain’t ever been prejudice.

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Author: jamari fox

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7 thoughts on “michelle obama breaks (it) down”

  1. The best thing the black community can do is work on obtaining a degree or degrees, reduce crime rate, promote positivity, and work on building wealth. When we see these types of stories, we should already be prepared for the outcome.

      1. Unfortunately I think we have been pushed to be too individualistic for that. We do a lot of stuff for the culture and a lot of us do go out of our way to support black business and entrepreneurs/actors/etc, but on a grand scale, I think we would have to adopt a “for the culture” mindset over a “I’mma do me” one.

    1. This country shit. The shitty state and local governments and private industry will make it irrelevant,.

    2. There’s a lot of unintelligent and broke people with degrees. Think we need to stop telling people there’s one way to success.

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