SPOTTED: it’s a beautiful day to see an attentionisto

i love seeing attentionistos in their natural habitat.
it’s like being at the zoo.
you’re seeing someone that you’ve possibly jacked off about once or twice.
it’s always a question of:

“are they nice?”
“damn they clearly know their angles…”
“where is the *insert missing photoshopped body part*????”

“wow he is legit short af…”

sometimes it’s a straight up:

i saw an attentionisto vet today.
one who i’ve had my fair share of “late night” moments about.
you ponder?

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Rafael Leonidas Does A Squat Video For Us

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 10.51.42 PMrafael leonidas is back to looking like “yum”.
before he was looking way too brolic and “italian car salesman” for my taste.
well he shows us how he achieves his greatest asset on instagram…
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