Anyone Want A Ride From Quinton Hillocks?


imagine if your uber driver looked like ^that?
what if he was a:

ex boxer
personal trainer
(ex) porn star?

that would be quinton hillocks on his day job.
he found himself in this “no hart/enchilada” scandal.
they made their first appearance and quinton joined them…
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You Wanted Quinton Hillocks To Cum (Well Here He Is)

Screen Shot 2016-01-16 at 8.48.27 PMquinton hillocks is cummin.
definitely in more ways than one.
as you know he use to be a boxer in the uk.
well now has another method of beatin’ something up.
ooooohhhhhhh yeah.
well one of my favs,
the amazing marvin bienaime agency,
has signed quinton on their team.
check out this meaty buffet
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foXXX: Quinton Hillocks Doesn’t Discriminate On The Pipe Receiving

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 9.52.13 PMquinton hillocks is a foxhole favorite.
well one of the amazing f-bi sent us a big treat.
it seems q doesn’t discriminate who he gives that big pipe too.
(nsfw and 18^)

x see the latest recipient of a palate cleaning

Quinton Hillocks Has A Brother

10727546_1536651089905698_1668748479_nso does everyone remember quinton hillocks?
well you should.
he got ( x a nice bit of leakage ) on here.
the comments were even more delicious.
well one of the f-bi alerted me today that he has a brother.
well everyone meet the no name alleged brother…
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Whoever Quinton Hillocks Is, He Got Some Leakage

tumblr_m02pa3qSru1qbmwkbo1_500well this is more my speed.
everyone meet boxer turned model wolf,
quinton hillocks.
i never heard of him.
but one of my f-bi alerted me of his nice leakage the other day…
and not for “straight eyes”…)
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