You Wanted Quinton Hillocks To Cum (Well Here He Is)

Screen Shot 2016-01-16 at 8.48.27 PMquinton hillocks is cummin.
definitely in more ways than one.
as you know he use to be a boxer in the uk.
well now has another method of beatin’ something up.
ooooohhhhhhh yeah.
well one of my favs,
the amazing marvin bienaime agency,
has signed quinton on their team.
check out this meaty buffet

and get into these:

2uh0lzb (1).jpglove how he doesn’t ever mention his “christian mingle” videos.
or kevin storm
whatever you go by in ( x your pastoring ).

we’ll definitely keep that between us.

lowkey: marvin!
keep it up!
the foxhole is liking everything so far.
invite us to your next bbq.

pictures and video credited to marvin bienaime on: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “You Wanted Quinton Hillocks To Cum (Well Here He Is)”

  1. Quinton or “Stallion” as he’s called over at Bang Bros. Studios is a handsome fella…but his fuck films are BORING!

      1. The amateur stuff is do much better! But if you get two people that have good/great chemistry…the scene is soooo much better!

      2. Plus, with amateur vids, if they put the cam in the right place, you get to see if dude is actually hung or not. Unlike these pro vids that use different angles and cam lenses to make small to average size dick dudes looks bigger. It use to fuck with me when I use to look at certain porn stars and their dick size was never consistent. In one vid his dick would look huge in others it would look small/ That’s when I learned of the porn cam trick that pros uses. Crazy, I know. lol

    1. Yes very lack luster, he shows no emotions and just plays dead unlike his counter partners. I like his body though. I like vid he did with the black chick in the bus and pool house. That’s my favorite on Myvister

    2. He shows so little interaction with his female partners that I would not be surprised if he is gay. He is the straight porn equivalent of what is called a “trade top” in gay porn: gets sucked, fucks, and does nothing else.

  2. Lordt I need me a Martin Luther King church fan and some holy oil for the thoughts I just had. I damn near went to lurk mode after them videos **queues up the Fantasia crying meme**

  3. As big as his dick is, think I will stick with Nat Turnher and his 7 inch thickness. Stallion’s stroking is weak. I think he needs to study Nat’s vids. lol.

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