The One About The Wolf From The Web Series

Screen Shot 2016-01-16 at 8.25.49 PMso i was all about those gifs in the last entry.
thanks to ( x boipussy ).
his name is david k price,
aka king david,
and he is part of the “triangle” web series.
here are some more shots

i have posted him before in a single “meat” entry.
its good to put a name to the meat.
he has some serious sex appeal tho.

his cheek bones>>>>
his skin complexion>>>
that potential stroke game>>>

i need to post this one mo’ gin:


i’ll definitely allow him.

lowkey: where is that whole scene?

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Author: jamari fox

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8 thoughts on “The One About The Wolf From The Web Series”

  1. This just reminded me, is anyone else going to watch About Him on Signal23? I’m looking forward to it cause that second guy is thick af and sexy…. Now back to this post that dude is chocolicious, but a little too skinny for my taste

    1. @mikey kun, even though the acting is at times cringe worthy, the story is actually quite good, it took me a while to get into it, but i just binged watched one day and was really surprised at how the story kept my attention. Sadly this years season is subscription only on another server that you have to pay for. It is another chocolate brother in this show name Mackey who is also very nice to the eyes. This dude is nice as well, and of course Terrilli aka the legendary erotic dancer FEVER. I would encourage everyone to check out the first season on Youtube.

      1. Are you kidding…cringe worthy is not the word…the whole show is an epic disaster to the acting to the sound to the camera man breathing behind the camera to the shadows on the wall lol lawd someone come get me and take my phone…HORRIBLE HORRIBLE Show lol…but he kinda cute poor thing

  2. i binge watched the show last night and fell in love…i think i’ll even pay the 10 a month to support them…i feel like if i can give a white owned media outlet my money i can support my own…sn king david lives in Philly

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