He Literally Fucked Me Stupid (and I Let Him)

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why do animals make memes like this?…

it just makes people even more stupid when it comes to dack.
i don’t know about you,
but my credit is fantastic.
i worked very hard to get it where it needs to be.
i’ll be damned if i let some wolf cum in my life,
fuck me stupid (in more ways than one),
and destroys my financial future.
i never understood how vixen let a wolf do that to them.
now you know i like a fine wolf like the rest of em,
but ain’t no dick THAT GOOD to make me start paying!
same goes for my (future) wolf.
i need him to not be so easily turned out by my looks or sex.
my foxhole ain’t that good to make a wolf lose his mind either.
well i know its tight and gets pretty creamy on its own…


…but i need daddy to always have his shit together.
by shit together,
i mean he saves bread every pay check and budgets.

if you are the type to let “looks” or “good dack” turn you like this:


…and worse of all,
have you broke up in the forests,
then ima need a straight jacket and a few “mgs” of zofran.
always remember foxhole:

Never start downgrading for dack

i don’t care if you look like this:


and ride my foxhole on an open range like this:

tumblr_o12762jzH91si245xo2_250 tumblr_o12762jzH91si245xo1_250

see you gotta be the type that when he cums in your life,
he is turned out by the boss that is you.
feel me?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “He Literally Fucked Me Stupid (and I Let Him)”

  1. Wish the creator of that meme can read all of this because it’s spot on. πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ

    As we learned in one of your post a little bit ago a lot of these fine ass men don’t have it together when it come to their money.

    1. Their money? Shit, half of these dudes do not even have a career to earn money unless it is on their backs lol.

    2. ^sad,
      But true.
      unless you are willing to go rogue and get your life together,
      which means completely off the radar for a while,
      then I won’t be interested.

  2. You better tell them. People fall into the trap really quick. This will never be me tho, nope. If you cannot hold a decent conversation or ask me how my day was, you will not be able to do anything for me at all, and good looks and sex is not enough. To be honest, I rather be with a decent looking dude that can give me 90% of what I need, than a fine ass man that can only give me 10%.

    I am not even on Odell anymore, besides his looks nothing else appears to be there lol.

      1. exactly,i’m like what’s going on with you guys,the most handsome humans i’ve seen don’t even have a social media account,or their accounts are more dry then my love life.

      2. Trust, if those people were stunting on social media, they would be no better than the attentionistos. There is a reason they aren’t seen. They’re smart. They’re in their own league and they know their stock, unlike those attnistos who crave on the opinions of others for their stock value. That’s how it’s done!

  3. Damn. Some times you see something so sexy you pause, that last gif 😍😍

    Even then, I’ve always been taught to be kind until you figure out a person is a leech, then you cut them out.

  4. I don’t think its that simple. The people I’ve known to put themselves at risk financially for a man is because they truly loved them and wanted for them to do better, not because of some good dick. Be in a relationship with a guy for a few years and someone you really care about and see if you won’t compromise on some of these things.

    1. ^ KB I don’t think Jamari meant it like that. He’s referring to those vixens, foxes, and wolves who let a fine ass person come in their lives and they financially put themselves out for this person.

    2. ^KB…at SOME POINT they have to put forth an effort to show that they are at least TRYING to do something for themselves. If they are always home or on the go, and not making an effort to find a job or help in some way…they gotta go. LOVE or COMMITMENT don’t pay the bills, yo. Only a fool would continue to support or fund the lifestyle of someone that isn’t even trying. And what’s even worse is that sometimes that individual will try to control shyt…trying to tell a person where they can and can’t go or what they can and cannot do! I’ve seen that. Nah…That ain’t me!

  5. There will always be an opening for guys who look like this. As long as sex is a part of the human experience, a sexy dude with some good d!ck will always have a place to call home – even if he is a bum. I’ve lost count of the Black women with masters degrees who hook up on the regular with felons who sport neck tattoos.

    1. Where you meeting all these black women with masters degrees. Not that I am trying to fuel the fire. But these educated ones always seem to be saying they don’t mess around with dudes or can’t find any good men. Let alone messing around with felons. lol

      1. ^I know a few women like that….but I also know a few with degrees who have losers for boyfriends. Always with the drama.
        I know one girl who has her man drop her off at work and picks her up…IN HER CAR!! I just shake my head at that one. She is a pretty chick (many guys at the job try to holla at her), dude is busted like you wouldn’t believe with the body(which leads me to think he sexing her ass silly) and all she does is complain about him. He’s “looking for a job” right now, which could be true…but seeing what I’ve seen, I don’t believe it for a moment. He got a good thing right now, and he knows it. She too stupid to realize it.

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