Whoever Quinton Hillocks Is, He Got Some Leakage

tumblr_m02pa3qSru1qbmwkbo1_500well this is more my speed.
everyone meet boxer turned model wolf,
quinton hillocks.
i never heard of him.
but one of my f-bi alerted me of his nice leakage the other day…
and not for “straight eyes”…)


tumblr_inline_n84i1fYDY41rnss34not bad q.
not bad at all.
your introduction to the forests was flawlessly executed.

photos credit: bienaimeagency | active imagining.co.uk
*other images credited to owner

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

22 thoughts on “Whoever Quinton Hillocks Is, He Got Some Leakage”

  1. Yea…he’s got that that Mr. Ed type of pipe lol. Only horses have dicks that big.

    Looks to be about 10.5, maybe bigger. I don’t know lol.

  2. Wow been seeing this sexy dude all over Tumblr, never knew he got down like this but found out he is also a personal trainer in Miami. So I am not surprised. There is a fine line between model, personal trainer, actor, and strippers they all eventually do something strange for change when times get hard. He actually looks like he is a legitimate model, so I am little surprised he took the porn route. Nice looking dude never the less and I will never complain when a fine dude drops his draws 🙂

  3. He will definitely be bookmark on my favorite videos, no more CJ Wright or Eric the Russian guy. Nice, tone and don’t have to do much mmm mmm good diclicous!

  4. he is better at porn then he was at boxing remember him at Lions ABC used to have gimmick of jumping over to rope.

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