Anyone Want A Ride From Quinton Hillocks?


imagine if your uber driver looked like ^that?
what if he was a:

ex boxer
personal trainer
(ex) porn star?

that would be quinton hillocks on his day job.
he found himself in this “no hart/enchilada” scandal.
they made their first appearance and quinton joined them…
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Kevin Hart and His “Look At Me!” Sex Tape

there are a couple characters to look out in the forests today.
there are the hotep/hotepresses hyenas.
those kind folks are all about black power and rights,
but they contradict their beliefs sooner or later.
there are the “pick me!” hyenas.
they constantly remind you how single and loveless they are.
big time hoes who use “that” as their pick up line.
last there is the these hyenas:

we will call them the “look at me!”.
they are similar to their “pick me” predecessors.
the ones who broadcast their “ribs” on social media,
throw daggers at the exes they cheated on,
but only to be caught up digging in someone(s) hole.
that might be kevin hart and his alleged sex tape that leaked today!
this is what was shown

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Kevin Hart Broke His “Rib” Trust? (Duh?)


well torrei tried to tell her…
whenever folks talk about karma isn’t real,
i usually smile and just wait for it.
they try to say “what goes around comes around”,
but it’s still the same.
karma is definitely real and we all experience it,
bad or good.
in this case,
eniko thought she was in the clear.
she was the side piece to kevin hart,
knowing he was married to torrei at the time.
kevin wasn’t going to disappoint in embarrassing her.
he posted this video on his instagram…
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Not Kevin Hart Allegedly Cheating on His Rib?! I Won’t Believe It!

…in my most sarcastic of foxhole entry titles.
ya know,

i only started thinking kevin hart was funny on snapchat.
he never really made me laugh until i watched his snaps.
he is funnier in his own natural habitat.
well in the following story,
“cheating” seems to come allegedly natural to him.
it seems that kevin was allegedly creeping on his rib,
eniko hart,
at 5am with some hooker in a car.
oh yes.
this is what radar online had to say and show us…
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