Not Kevin Hart Allegedly Cheating on His Rib?! I Won’t Believe It!

…in my most sarcastic of foxhole entry titles.
ya know,

i only started thinking kevin hart was funny on snapchat.
he never really made me laugh until i watched his snaps.
he is funnier in his own natural habitat.
well in the following story,
“cheating” seems to come allegedly natural to him.
it seems that kevin was allegedly creeping on his rib,
eniko hart,
at 5am with some hooker in a car.
oh yes.
this is what radar online had to say and show us…

Dad-to-be Kevin Hart has been caught hooking up with a beautiful woman — with his pregnant wife Eniko Parrish nowhere to be seen!

if this is true,
eniko can’t be too shocked.
how she got him is how she was gonna lose him.
she was allegedly creepin with kevin while he was married.
karma was gonna come eventually.
the good news is at least the rib is pregnant so she is set for life.

with or without cheating,
i don’t see them lasting too long anyway.
by his snaps of her,
she always looks annoyed with kevin and his cubs.
she always has the look of “i know there is a sale somewhere”.
i can imagine “kevin hart: 24/7/365″ could be od too.
he is always “on”.
the f-bi found the alleged vixen who was in the car too.
everyone meet momo:

she comes in the “side she-hyena” special.

this should get interesting tho.
i’ll be keeping my nose in this story.

lowkey: i wonder how torrei’s night is going?

see the video of kevin in the car: radaronline

visit momo on: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

2 thoughts on “Not Kevin Hart Allegedly Cheating on His Rib?! I Won’t Believe It!”

  1. This unfunny asshole is on my list of Pineapples I dont like along with Tyrese, Steve Harvey, Usher, 50cent, Brian McKnight and Michael Jordan all have made it to the Douchbag Hall of Fame. I remember how how social media did the first wife they actually dog her more than the side piece but of course he had a hand in that. Me and Torrei are both laughing at the fuckery of it all tonight.

  2. I watched the video and it looked like he’s in the front seat and she’s in the back seat and they are talking. Also the door is open and the valet guy is standing there the whole time. Don’t think he would be crazy enough to make out with another woman in public

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