“You Make Me Wanna”… Run and Get Usher’s Valtrex?

i mean…

“before i met you”
“dirty dancer”

…the jokes are endless with the following story.
so usher might be out here dancing dirty.
it’s reported he had to pay off a vixen he smashed.
 he allegedly gave her herpes.
i kid again.
the new york daily news has more…

This sex scandal won’t be going away.

Usher paid out $1.1 million to settle a lawsuit with a stylist who claimed the pop star infected her with herpes, court papers show.

The documents were first published Wednesday by Radar Online, but they appear to date to late 2012.

The 38-year-old “Confessions” singer, whose real name is Usher Raymond IV, was diagnosed with herpes in 2009 or 2010, according to the court papers. But nonetheless, he had unprotected sex with the claimant without confessing that he was carrying the virus, the papers add.

The law is clear in California: It is illegal to knowingly or recklessly transmit an STD. Usher allegedly did just that when he told the victim he had tested negative for the virus, despite a “greenish discharge” from his penis, the court papers say.

“Believing Raymond’s statements that (the discharge) had been nothing and cleared up, (she) continued her relationship,” the legal docs said.

The claimant was later diagnosed with herpes, complete with vaginal sores, fevers and chills, she alleged in papers.

Usher paid some of the victim’s medical bills in 2012$2,754.40 in all, the court papers show. That’s when he also had his doctor call the woman to tell her that the singer did indeed carry the herpes virus.

He had, apparently, for many years. The legal documents noted that Usher was “exposed to herpes” in 2009 or 2010, around when he finalized his divorce to Tameka Foster after she accused him of cheating.

“green-ish discharge”?????????

i’m mad she still did it after his pipe vomited alleged slime.
usher ain’t shit if he tryna fuck and not disclosing his alleged status.
she shoulda asked to see his “papers”.
i kid.
so if this true,
usher might be done.

how can we think sexy thoughts about him now?
i can’t fantasize about a pipe allegedly spitting up green goo.
it just makes you wonder who else got something?
no one cares about your health.
they don’t with theirs so…
it’s a shame this happened to the victim tho.
as for usher and my fantasies

lowkey: it’s safe to assume all celebs have herpes?
i’m about to assume almost everyone has herpes.

article cc: new york daily news

read more details: radaronline

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on ““You Make Me Wanna”… Run and Get Usher’s Valtrex?”

  1. FUCCCCCCKKKKKKKKK. Ursh was a fantasy. Now its just ewwww. Mofos having unprotected sex across the board.

  2. I wish they would start curing shit again man. It really seems everyone has everything and condoms don’t protect from as much shit as we think. It’s a terrible way to be but I assume people have everything and I act accordingly. All I can do is be transparent and try my best to only entertain the same back. The whole situation is terrible. I was just reading something the other day about T.I. alledgedly doing the same and it made me remember Busta Rhymes alledgedly doing the same shit. Wtf man?

  3. I don’t care if usher has an std lots of people catch them, no judgments from me about that. I’m hoping he didn’t willing or uncaring infect her if this rumor is true.

    P.S. I stopped thinking usher was sexy when he released that album after confessions, He’s in an odd place where he’s too old for the younger crowd and too young for the older crowd. plus his music isn’t what it used to be.

  4. FYI According to a 2010 CDC report 48% percent of Black women between 16-49 in this country have genital herpes,so 1 out of 2.Most don’t know because most of us are not tested for at annual exams.

    Years ago I started requesting the test after I was a bone marrow donor.39% of Blacks have genital herpes.Most people have no symptoms or mild symptoms.I have been posting this info on blogs like TSR and Fameolous because most of the people on these urban blogs are black women in that age bracket.So a significant percentage of them have it but don’t know it.
    Also black women are twice as likely to be infected as black men according to the CDC.

    So I think people should be very cautious before judging Usher since 4 out 10 Blacks are in the same shoes he is in,they also have Herpes Simplex 2.(genital herpes)
    Also 50-80% of Americans have Herpes Simplex 1(oral herpes) that causes cold sores.Many doctors don’t bother testing for Herpes because in some communities almost everyone has it.
    There is no cure but there is treatment.Get Tested

    On a side note the lady Usher infected was one of Tameka’s bridesmaids who he hooked up with.I remember reading about him screwing one of her friends.Oh well… 😒

  5. That’s just nasty. Never believe anyone when they say I’m clean. Show me some lab results mofo!

  6. His current gf makes sense now. I sure hope she was smart enough to use a jimmy and him take preventive measures not infect anyone else with his nasty asss. Usher was honestly over when he released that struggly dick pic on snapchat.

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