All Hell Breaks Loose Once I Walk Out The Door

i’m a hard act to follow.
i don’t mean that in a bragging sense,
but once i’m replaced with what someone thinks is “better”,
they soon find out that it usually ain’t.
after the honeymoon phase ends and reality sets in.
today i met up with thing 2.
i was already in the city at a temp agency.
the one i had to do the microsoft office test for.
i got great scores,
since it was close to my old job,
and it was around her lunch time,
i figured it would be a good time to link.

she looked different.
not bad,
but she has more pronounced bags under her eyes.
she also looked over it all.

“you look great!
you are glowing!”

well that is what happens when you get rid of a fuck jackal.
i call it “the fuck jackal glow”.
that job was my toxic relationship for three years.
now that’s done,
i was able to take a break and de-stress.
i’m happier and grew tremendously.
oh and researching skin care helped also.

so thing 2 told me the job is still a mess.
the randoms who took my place are even a worse mess.
they had to bring back my position since my old boss fucked it up.
no one that they have hired has been been able to live up to me.
the latest one has been recently coming to work high/druk af.
he has been doing “no calls/no shows” so he’lll be out of there soon.
my old boss hasn’t being doing well since he got demoted either.
he isn’t qualified for the position and it looks like a set up to fire him.
if he doesn’t get it together,
he’ll be out of there soon too.

“smile” from lily allen was playing in my head.
that’s all i could do.

let the hyenas and jackals leave.
don’t fight.
don’t text or call.
don’t keep the porch light on.
just let them go.
they’ll pay for their evil ways eventually.

10 thoughts on “All Hell Breaks Loose Once I Walk Out The Door

  1. Sounds like good deserved news to me and the affirmations just keep going through.

  2. if you ever bump into Mr. Green again, play a Nelson “Haha” from the Simpson ring tone and he deserves it! Now you know who’s the ring leader at that Circus of a job.

      1. Well deserved! He was an inexperienced ring master and instead put a trick on himself. J you got the last laugh and glad you can see all is good on your side of the turf

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