Safaree Samuel’s Pipe Is A Better Promo for “Love and Hiphop Hollywood”

safaree is trying to get me us y’all to watch this new season of “love and hiphop hollywood”.
as you know,
the new season starts next monday.
the following was sent to my box for foxhole review

Lord have mercy in Jesus name…
i bet you would feel up up in your esophagus.
jamaican wolves have a way of pipin’ you stupid.

well he’s definitely confident about his pipe laying skills.
this is a random verse about it:

i bet that jamaican pipe of his is good.
if i had a uterus,

i’d let him get up in it.
let him fuck me real good,
but you gotta keep him on a probationary period.
he looks like the type that would start doing way too much after.

lowkey: is he coming out with an album?

7 thoughts on “Safaree Samuel’s Pipe Is A Better Promo for “Love and Hiphop Hollywood”

  1. Jamaicans are the BEST. All of them I’ve ever had were the best and biggest, Puerto Ricans a close second.

    Nothing better than a confident, big dicked pineapple with a foreign accent.

    1. Right, but they’re extra asf! Like calm down with all that celebration for nothing! I get you wanna party, but there’s a time and place to turn up and get lit! S#!&

  2. My mind stills go back to last season when he allegedly smashed that tranny……

    1. STEREOTYPE! lol. I know a dude that usu only fucks with Caribbean men, esp Jamaicans. And he would beg to differ. lol

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