King James Has The Best Baller Wolf Bawdy?

according to ( x some of his peers ),
king james was voted as having the best bawdy in sports.
i’m sure that can be argued,
but you know how i feel about king james and that bawdy of his.
i love his subtle advertising with spandex…

i know he isn’t the fantasy of most,
but his bawdy turns me on.
i’ll need him to continue wearing his work out attire on ig tho:


lowkey: there are some nfl wolves who put his bawdy to shame tho…

14 thoughts on “King James Has The Best Baller Wolf Bawdy?

  1. Lebron is a a strange case for me Normally I like guys wih chsled bodies but for some reason Lebron doesn’t do anything for me Now I must qualify, I’d never throw him out of my bed but he just doesn’t seem sexy One can be sexy by his personality or his body or both but Lebron just doesn’t do ti for me

    As others have posted Serge, Ande and Rapotors Kyle Lowery with his phat ass a sexy dudes

  2. NFL players always had the best body to me. Lebron looks nice tho (from the neck down)

  3. LeBron James’ body is meant to work–not to look it. It’s his means to an end to win championships and make big money. If you want to look at guys with nice bodies to look at, look at models and actors. Their bodies are meant to be looked at.

    The type of work-out to be done depends on what result you want. Boxer bodies and work-outs differ from wide-receiver bodies and work-outs differ from basketball player bodies and work-out differ from baseball player bodies and work-outs, etc. Form follows function.

      1. But considering what he mentioned it would make sense as to why they said he has the best body. Their thinking about his size and how it affects his athleticism, not about how hard his abs are or how “skrong” looking his arms are.

    1. @Dean…not necessarily true. There are MANY athletes whose bodies are defined and cut. Current names besides Andre Iguodala and Dwight Howard escape me right now, but back in the day you had Ben Wallace, David Robinson, Shawn Kemp, just to name a few. These guys were muscular and defined…and athletic.
      Lebron was muscular at one point but he slimmed down to become quicker. You may not think it, but even though these guys work out to stay on top of their game, don’t think for a minute that they’re not doing it to catch the eyes of women wherever they play and party. And that’s in all sports, Basketball, Baseball, Boxing, and Football. Not too sure about hockey. LOL

  4. Not only NFL! Hell, I can name a few NBA kats whose body is more on point than Lebron. Andre Iguodala (sp) for one!
    Lebron never appealed to me. Plus he looks so much older than he really is…not in a good way.
    But as they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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